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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (nancygomez) | 6 comments ii need some advicee with something i feel. can someone please help me ? D:

message 2: by Life is hard and then u die *Smiley*, *GASP*Im not the only mod anymore! (new)

Life is hard and then u die *Smiley* (greenpurpleblackmaggie) | 404 comments Mod
Yeah i can help! wat's up?

message 3: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (nancygomez) | 6 comments what happened is that a time ago i stared dating my best friend and it was just great...but he whent on vacations and i told him go ahead have a break because he wanted to talk on facebook but I told him not to because well he was on vacation and he finally agreed. a week pased and he returned but we still didn't talk i sayed hi to him everyday but he was distant....he was like...oh yeah?....uhmmm.....that's was all he would say and i talk to him abput that and guess what he said...uhmm....really? wow YEAH that's all he sayed and he one day told me you know what i don't feel like i'm your boyfriend anymore i think we should break up and he said what if i find another girl in my new school? and with that we broke up...i was OK at first but then i stared to miss him so bad, i miss how we talked because well he WAS my best friend and i just miss everything we did together and i don't know if that is normal because exactly a month ago we broke up A MONTH AGO ! is that normal, i can't stop thinking about him....

message 4: by Life is hard and then u die *Smiley*, *GASP*Im not the only mod anymore! (new)

Life is hard and then u die *Smiley* (greenpurpleblackmaggie) | 404 comments Mod
dont worry it is normal! break ups are hard especially if it's with someone u care about.

message 5: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (nancygomez) | 6 comments after a month ? i feel so bad and we still talk sometimes and he is always saying remember that time when....and that makes it worst...and to make it even school they always mention him and there has not been a day where people come to me and say where is your boyfrien and im like D:we broke up but i don't show it still hurts to anyone because they think i wasn't that into him and i make them believe im over him and i want to believe it myself but i can't with him running in my mind, everyone mentioning him and me without showing what i feel DD:

message 6: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) ohh thats tough im sorryi really cant help

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