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Ashley FL This is where I'll post my progress on Challenges!

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1. September: Read a book which title starts with “S”. “Scandal in Spring” by Lisa Kleypas

2. Birthday: Read a book from a September B-day celebrant. ( “What the Lady Wants” by Jennifer Crusie or “Sthe Moment” by Nora Roberts off Heather’s shelf (Birthday Sept. 12)

3. Geography: Read a book whose author, setting or character is from Massachusetts.

4.Pirate Day: Marauders of the Sea: Read a book that involves Pirates or other sea-faring characters, like Vikings, Ship Captains, etc..

5. Labor Day: Blue Collar Workers: Read a book where one of the major character is a blue-collar worker.

6. National Hispanic Heritage Month Read a Hispanic romance, or a book written by one, or has a Hispanic character.

7. Library Card Sign-up Month Read a book borrowed from the library. (In extreme cases that you don’t have access to a library, read a book that you borrow from someone else. Be sure to return the book when done. : )

8. Romance Genre: Read a classic romance.

9. Of Lists and Shelves: Read a book from the first five pages of either of the following shelves:

Women Friendship Month
Murder Mystery Books in honor of Agatha Christie

10. Reader's Choice

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