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message 1: by Maggie, Gaea shall smite you all. (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) | 1674 comments Mod
Please transfer all quest charries to this folder, and add their immortal parent.

message 2: by Kat, Goddess of Dramatic Exits and Strawberry Yogurt (new)

Kat (sugaraddict) | 11750 comments Mod
Name: Carter
Looks: I can't find the link, so go to Aphrodite. But Blonde hair, blue eyes, killer smile, really buff.
Personality: Fun, sarcastic, jokey, jerk a lot
Age: 19
Other: Is a Counselor

message 3: by Iviana (The Sign Painter), The Goddess of indecisiveness (new)

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 34142 comments Mod
Name: Deitra Davis
Personality: very secluded; she tends to keep to herself in the forest, rude, etc.
Age: 15
Other: daughter of Demeter

message 4: by ., Goddess of Bacon (new)

. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
Name: Caspar van der Lewsen
Looks: Caspar is very tall and leanly built, yet somewhat lanky. He's got piercing green eyes and shaggy brown hair.

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Personality: Rueful, and cynical, although he does have a sweet side at times, Caspar is a stellar swordfighter and expierienced with his father's type of magic. He's a bit wild, and maybe a little crazy, but it's what we all love about him. ;) Good at archery, too.
Age: 19 (been at camp... forever. :/ well, his father's the director)
Other: Counsellor of the Dionysus Cabin.
His celestial bronze, hand-and-a-half, sword is called Paranoia, Greek for insanity. It drives whoever it wounds insane, though this doesn't always work to his advantage if he wounds a powerful monster and it goes batsh*t. He's still learning how to control the insanity-part of it.

message 5: by ., Goddess of Bacon (new)

. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
Name: Niobe Tantaleum

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Personality/History: Using poisoned arrows, Artemis killed Niobe's daughters and Apollo killed Niobe's sons, while they practiced athletics, with the last to die begging for their lives. No Neobids were spared. Their father, Amphion, at the sight of his dead sons, was killed by Apollo for having sworn revenge. A devastated Niobe fled back to Mount Sipylus and was turned into stone, and, as she wept unceasingly, waters started to pour from her petrified complexion.
However, Mount Sipylus has since been transferred to Mount St. Helens, in Washington state. Famous for the catastrophic eruption that occcured in 1980, it was actually a result of Niobe bursting from the rock in grief, finally ready to have her revenge on the twins of Leto. Now a monster, Niobe can fully control the mountain and has endless monsters at her disposal, all who bear some sort of grudge against the twins.
The Illness was of her doing, in order to weaken the Hunters and kill them. She plans on killing fifty in exchange for her fifty murdered sons and daugthers, then move on to kill Artemis and her brother, Apollo.

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