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message 1: by B.J. (new)

B.J. Lee (bjlee) | 1 comments I'm thinking of writing a YA set in the 60s/70s based on a true story of a homeless boy (It would not be memoir). Everyone talks about contemporary YA. WOuld this time period be considered contemporary - it's certainly not historical.

Also, does anyone know any other YAs set in this time period. One I can think of is Spud, which I think was set around this time period. Any comments helpful.thanks.


message 2: by Marie (last edited Mar 24, 2011 10:37AM) (new)

Marie | 6 comments Not sure if this response is too late to help you, but I've been told that even something set in the 80s is considered historical. Yikes! I think Dark Dude was set in the 70s and it just came out like a year ago. Check that one out.

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