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Gwen Sat on a Bridge and stared Mindlessly at the water.

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Gwen, Startled, Looked up at Him "Its ok." She said Taking a small step to the side.

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"Hiya.." She said smiling

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Thempper Murhder Landon walked up to her, "Afraid of heights?" he asked

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Thempper Murhder he smiled back, "kinda"

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Thempper Murhder "I'm Landon. Pleasure to meet you" he said

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Thempper Murhder "No" he said with a laugh

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Thempper Murhder "Dying......... and getting kicked in my privates" he answered

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Thempper Murhder ((k bye))


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Music wrote: ""What's.....Your name?""

"I-Im Gwen." She said Quietly, She was never Good at talking to people, Mostly because she never did.

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"Nice to meet you, Max" She smiled brightly.

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She nodded and looked down slightly

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"Im Twenty, and you?"

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Gwen Looked up at him, "Awesome." She said laughing lightly

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She Bit her lip and looked up at him ((Bwahahaha Awkwardness >:3))

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Gwen Arched her eyebrow and smiled lightly

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"ah, i see." she said grinning

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Thempper Murhder Mrs. James Dean wrote: "Lucy stood, "So anyway, I think I'm gonna go get some food. You wanna come?""

"sure" he said and smiled

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Thempper Murhder he followed her.

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