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Choice Quote #2 (In which Mustaine proves himself to be an awesome witch)

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"Since Michelle was reluctant to offer, I stole some of her books; after just a few days of study, I went to work, crafting a doll out of bread dough, using poppy seeds to spell out W-I-L-B-U-R and tying a noose made out of string around the doll's neck. Then I recited an incantation from the book of spells. Finally, at the very end, I picked up the doll and snapped off one of its lets.

Did it work?
I can't say for sure, but I do know that a short time later Wilbur was involved in a car accident; his leg was broken.

(Page 26)

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John | 1 comments Baseball, martial arts, witchcraft, drug dealing, "dancing across the fretboard". He's pretty much a master of whatever...

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