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I'm not asking that you create a charrie for every teacher you RP, but if you RP them often enough, just make a small profile for them. Either make a teacher up or go by the ones in the book. And I'm combining them since I doubt we'll have a lot until further notice.

Name: First, last, and what the students will call them. Example: Mr. Solomon or Prof. Buckingham, which ever you prefer.
Subject: The subject they teach; if you're creative enough, you can even make up your own subject. And you also have to put the school. Example: CoveOps, Gallagher.
History: What has this teacher done in their past? Any amazing feats or just everyday computer wiz spy stuff?

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Name: Danielle Chanel (Dani), Headmistress Chanel
Age: 36
Subject: Headmistress, Gallagher
History: Too lazy. I'll come up with something later.
Appearance: Dark-ish, sun-tanned skin, emerald green eyes, jet black hair, and incredibly short. Besides the eyes, slight feature differences, and obvious age differences, she's very similar to her daughter.
Other: She's Alyssia's mother, and she just got hired to be the new Gallagher headmistress.

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments Cool!

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Gracias :)

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments Hey can Serena's parents know Danielle so Serena and Alyssia know each other? Cause none of that characters are interacting with each other

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Sure, sure :)

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments okay thanks =)

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