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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Ok, here is how this topic goes. I'm going to start a story and we have to keep adding unto it. For you future writers out there, this is good practice! The continuation can be as long as you want:

I walked along the road not really knowing where I was going. The only thing I knew, was that my life was in stake....

now you guys continue the story. It could be one sentence or five! Make sure you don't leave regular comments like I am now cause it could get confusing. This will be the only regular comment ever posted for this topic.

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The people coming after me were not the type to give up nor show mercy. I didnt know how much they new but i knew that the knowledge i held had the potential to kill me.

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No One (baka) The cold caressed my body and I shivered, leaving my breath fog the air. There wasn't any place for me to go anymore; there was no one to trust.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Or was there? Maybe he would show up. Maybe my knight and shining armor will rescue you me once again.

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Well, it was worth a shot...
I made my way to into the forest where he last showed up. The night was dark but the moon seemed to act as a torch underneath the tree leaves, leading me down to the river.

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No One (baka) I jumped as I heard a sound from behind the bushes. At once I was standing still, as if I were paralyzed. My heart rate grew rapidly as I intensly kept my gaze at the bushes, waiting for something to appear.

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The wind picked up, as if sensing the increase of my pulse rate. I squinted, straining my eyes trying to see things i wasnt able. With all my focus on the now unmoving bush i failed to hear him stalk up behind me and as he snaked his hand around my mouth, i knew it was too late.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"You scare too easy", he breathed into my ear. I nearly sighed at the familiar voice, but didn't want to give him the satisfaction. "Don't ever do that again!", I half whispered half shouted and with one swift punch he got what was coming to him.

message 9: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 13 comments He landed on the dark moist grass. "This is not the time to fool arond,Damon." I yell. "They're after me!"

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No One (baka) As he got up from the ground he showed a more serious face. "I'm sorry. I was just trying to lighten up the mood a bit." he appologized, before he added something with a playful smile. "You know you shouldn't be all serious all the time. You get wrinkles when you frown."

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Stephanie | 13 comments I gave him a warning glare. "Alright,alright, I'll stop" he says. Putting his hands up in surrender. I take a cautious step toward him and ask the question that has been haunting me since I escaped. "Who told?"

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No One (baka) "Sara ..." he said with a long sigh. I already knew where this conversation were going. He would ignore the question by giving me something else to think about. I wouldn't fall for the same trick twice.

"Who told?!" I demmanded with a loud voice, echoing through the area.

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Stephanie | 13 comments He gave a long sigh and finnaly looked up at me, his eyes filled with pity and something else I couldn't name."Ethan" he finally said. And with that single word my world came tumbling down.My knees bacame week, but before I could fall he was there in mere seconds pulling my body close to his, as if shielding it from any evil that may be lurking around. I felt his lips at my ear,"I'm so sorry"

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No One (baka) I didn't know what to say. Ethan, my best friend ...

My nails were digging into Damon's jacket, clutching to him, as if I were afraid that he might disappear if I'd let go.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"Face it Sara, it was bound to happen", Damon said sadly, caressing me in his arms. Ethan was his friend to and I wondered how he could say those words so easily.

"But, Ethan?! No not Ethan!", I protested, finding the strength in my arms and shoving Damon away. He looked at me in shock.

"Face it Sara, he betrayed you, he betrayed us all"

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Stephanie | 13 comments I gave a long sigh and looked at him. "I...just can't believe he would do this." I say. I look down at my feet avoiding his gaze. But he didn't give up that easily, because the next thing I know he's standing before me with his fingers under my chin makng me meet his gaze. "Yea, I can't belive it either." He says, his voice cracking on the last word. And at that moment all I want is to comfort him and see that grin across his face again.

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No One (baka) It might be an act of impulse, it might be an act of my overflowing feelings, or it could even be that I actually have real feelings for Damon. For in the next second I'm pressing my cold lips against his warm ones, not even thinking about the consequences.

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Stephanie | 13 comments He froze. But only for a second, before he started kissing me back. I felt electrified as if I had been struck by lightning....only better.Much much better. Because you can't wrap your arms around lightning.Or feel lightning's heart skip a beat beneath yours.I could do all those things with Damon.... Including press myself as close to him as possible.He pulled away and looked at me,eyes filled with desire.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"Oh Damon", I murmured, slowly drawing myself from him. I saw the look in Damon's eyes and knew what had overcome him. I knew that glazed over look all too well.

"Damon?", I whimpered, taking a tiny step forward.

"Yes my love?", he said with hunger, grabbing my arm and drawing me close to him.

It was happening. I knew that this would be the consequence but I wanted to kiss him so bad.

"Oh no", I whispered, "my powers"

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
I stopped suddenly as a look that I recognized as his, took over Damon's caring eyes.

"Damon?", I said hesitantly, afraid of what he might do next.

"What just happened?", I sighed with relief as the comical voice I knew well let go of me and took a step back.

"I happened", I said simply, walking over to a tree and sitting in the shadows,"When we kissed, my powers...."

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Run away brain (Runawaybrain) | 9 comments He froze for a moment, then slowly walked towards me, crouching down before me. Our eyes locked together as he softly touched the side of my face and down to my lips.

"It's ok, we'll figure it out." he said. Like it was just that simple, like no one was after me.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"Damon", I whispered, letting my lips quiver against his fingers.

"You should go back... It isn't safe being with me"

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"Shes right you know..." came Ethans cold, sardonic voice.

We both stood up, readying ourselves for a fight.
"Where are the others?" i demanded.

"Couldnt keep up" he said with a twitch of a smile. Ethan was well known to be the fastest runner among the Gifted.
"I'll kill you if i have to Ethan", Damon tried to come across as brave but his voice broke and gave him away.
"Now now, no need for that, im just here for a little game."

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"I'm not one for games", Damon hissed, pushing me against the tree and placing himself infront of me.

"Now, Now Damon, we used to play games all the time", Ethan said with a smirk, taking a step forward.

"Ya, before you became a traitor!", Damon spat back.

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No One (baka) Ethan gave a small chuckle and drew closer. "Who's the traitor here?" he asked with serious eyes. I knew Ethan well, but never before had I seen his blue eyes like that. They were usually filled with light, but now there was only darkness in them.

"What has happened to you, Ethan?" I asked, feeling a bit scared. "Why are you doing this?"

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"I'm only being human Sara. The human race tends to be a little back stabbish", there was a twisted smile on Ethan's face that I had never witnessed before.

"But I shouldn't have to explain back stabbing to you Sara dear. You've done it to many of times", there was something else in Ethan's eyes that almost took over the darkness.

"What are you talking about Ethan?", I whispered, almost forgetting Damon was there.

"Don't play dumb Sara!", Ethan said suddenly, his voice raising several octaves. "You made it clear that you wanted nothing to do with me by staying with lover boy over here that one spring break"

My eyes went wide as I remembered that quiet spring. I thought no body knew about me and Damon's secret cabin. I guess I was wrong.

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Run away brain (Runawaybrain) | 9 comments Everything became clear, i had broken his heart. I ran away from him, clearly remembering the pain in his eyes that night.

message 28: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 13 comments That night in which he found Damon and I together in the the bedroom.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Damon side glanced at me and I could see the guilt in the corner of his eyes. We had crossed the line that spring.

"E-Ethan... I'm sorry", I whimpered, feeling the tears burning at my eyes. Ethan used to be my best friend and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt him.

"It's too late for that now Sara", he sighed, his voice cracking a little. But just as his eyes took on a human look, they went back to malice and hate.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"This isn't you Ethan", I whispered, daring to take a step forward. Damon looked at me like I was crazy.

message 31: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 13 comments But I didn't care. I had to get my friend back. The Ethan that I knew and loved. I couldn't just give up on him, walk away from him.... not how people walked out on me.

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No One (baka) Damon jumped in front of me as Ethan drew closer.
"Don't touch her," Damon hissed at Ethan. His wide back felt big and protective.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"You'd be in my same position Damon if Sara just forgot all about you and fell in love with me", I had never seen Ethan so ready to fight. He was always the quiet one. The guy you could tell your problems to and he wouldn't tell you to shutup. He was Ethan.... or, he used to be.

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Run away brain (Runawaybrain) | 9 comments I stepped around Damon, but was pulled back with a strong grip and a hiss. I stared in Damon's eyes and shook my head. I pulled out of his grasp "No. Ethan would never hurt me, he is my best friend. I trust him." Ethan's face soften then tured back with even more anger this time. It was like he was 2 people, one Ethan, my best friend, the other always anger and dark.

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Run away brain (Runawaybrain) | 9 comments His fists clenched together, like he was ready to kill right now. "You trust me. You trust me. But i can't trust you! You betrayed me, both of you did! Sara i loved you and you slept with one of my best friends. Damon you new that i loved her! But you couldn't just leave it! Both of you have created the new Ethan, that yous seem to hate!" he said with a deadly calm voice.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
"Ethan, it wasn't necessarily like that...", I tried calmly but was surprised as Ethan was in front of me in only the blink of an eye.

"Sara, if it was never "Like that", then kiss me.... kiss me right now Sara", I had never seen Ethan so determined before. He grabbed my waist forcing me to lay my palms on his chest.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
I could hear Damon hiss by just seeing me in Ethan's arms. I tried to pull away but Ethan grabbed my hands that were clenched into tight fists.

"Kiss me Sara, kiss me right now", his breath was warm on my lips as he breathed these simple words.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
The desire for me that filled his eyes was blinding. Was his demand seriouse? Did he really want to kiss me here and now.... infront of Damon?

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Run away brain (Runawaybrain) | 9 comments He was getting closer and closer. Our lips inches apart, His eyes met mine before they flicked to my lips.

"Sara, don't-" Damon started but it was to late.

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It was like someone had set of fire crackers in the pit of my stomach, every part of me that had been protesting this moment leaned in for more it.

Ethan kissed me just roughly enough to make my hand twirl up through the base of his hair and my hips grind into his waist like two candles melting together.

Somewhere there was noises of a commotion and too soon we were ripped off one another and thrown back to reality where Damon was fighting for my life.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
Someone had bounded my hands behind my back and my eyes were burning as I peered over at a confused Ethan who was being pulled over to the opposing team. His hands wern't bound but he would definetley be questioned for what he was doing.

The rage in Damon's eyes as he faught people off was hurting my very core and then a realization that I might lose him... without saying sorry... only made it worse.

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The pain and confusion was to much for me to bare alone and the winds picked up speed in response to my anger. Rain started pelting down and the temperature dropped so rapidly they became hail stones. As the cold ice hit the floor that had no yet adapted to the change in weather, each piece quickly smouldered into steam creating an eerie mist that would have made you shiver even without the blistering wind.

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Run away brain (Runawaybrain) | 9 comments I looked at Ethan with a plead, but he just stood there watching. He meet my eyes then looked away.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
I made a solemn vow to myself that if I ever made it out alive, I would never trust that face again.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
((please continue the story guys))

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Turns out i did make it out alive and instantly wished i hadnt. Ethans new found friends had discovered my ability to control the elements and ofcourse by 'discovered' i mean Ethan told them. They had made me a nice electric blue cage which prevented me from using my gifts and was trying to figure out how to 'harness' my ability. As if.... I'll die before i hand it over to them.

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Victoria ♡ (vickielove) Before I could finish examining the room, the heavy metal doors opened behind me, and I whipped my head to see Damon. He was being dragged by two men, gripping him by the elbows of his tightly bound arms. He had newly forming bruises along his arms and cuts on his face.
"Damon! Are y-"
He looked at me with hard, hurting eyes, and I shut up.

message 48: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurensh) | 1 comments i knew that he would never forgive me for that kiss, but i had a decision to make. i could stay here felling sorry for myself and wit to be rescued by death. or i could find a way to escape.

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Ashpash | 85 comments Mod
I started crawling around the edge of the cage, looking desperately for a weak spot while Damien glared at me. I wanted, so badly, to tell him it was all a mistake. I really did care about him.

PyroLily ~Qui scribit bis legit~ (pyrolily) | 8 comments "Damon," I whispered. "Damon, I'm sorry. I love you."

"If you do than what the hell were you doing back there," Damon said with such a harsh tone that I flinched, he didn't notice. "You kissed him, right there. I was standing right there!"

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