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message 1: by Janny (new)

Janny (jannywurts) | 414 comments What hit your humor button?
Which character touched your heart?

Or what line made you take pause - share it here.

message 2: by Siv (new)

Siv (minnea) I started to leaf through the book, to remind myself just what scenes was in it (it was some time since I read it and this one sort of blends with the one before and after....)

Janny wrote: "What hit your humor button?"
Many of these scenes made me smile, but this is one of the best:

(Sethvir is almost doubled up laughing as Kharadmon drops by.)
"Well, what did you expect after Athir?" Kharadmon chuckled. [---:] "By any expedient, Asandir said, when he asked oath from our Teir's'Ffalenn to stay alive. [---:] Granted such licence, and provoked against his grain, I'd expect any blood heir of Torbrand would seize the invitation to seed mayhem. What's he done?"
"Abducted Princess Talith. And the mayhem is moot. Prince Arithon's excuse was clear logic." Sethvir struggled between muffled coughs to recover the semblance of composure. Settled on his hams, he caught back his breath amd obligingly recited in a bitten, silver echo of the Masterbard's diction, 'If my half brother plots to raise the countryside against me, I'd say that's fair reason to let him pay his share in the ongoing cost of my survival'"

Janny wrote: "Which character touched your heart?"
Dakar's journey was the most touching here, I think. His struggle to refuse to like Arithon and finally turn over, was a big impact of this book. Dakar moves from being an "irritating, unwanted tag-along" to a companion to Arithon, and hints at the deep friendship to come.

And, of course, Jilieth is unforgettable...

Janny wrote: "Or what line made you take pause - share it here."

One line that jumped out at me when I read the first time, and even more now when I've read all published books plus the teasers from the next one:

"I am master of nothing", he [Arithon:] answered then on a queer, wrung note of exhaustion. "My own fate least of all."

Sandra  (sleo) | 1059 comments Oh gosh. I have to agree with Siv that when Arithon stole the ransom was hilarious. And when he found Talith in that old boat. My heart was sinking when she was escaping and I was hooting with glee when he turned out to be the one to come and 'rescue' her.

And without equal Dakar touched my heart in this one. When he ran to throw himself in front of that arrow I was sobbing. His turn around was most moving and beautifully done. There were others, of course, including Jilieth. Feylind's escape from her mother (I'm forgetting now if it was in this one or not, but I think it was) was a great relief to me.

I could pick out anything almost as a favorite line, but from the scene with Dakar - "One heartbeat he raged against the futility of his act and ached for obligations left undone.

Then the arrow struck. Impact pitched him forward onto his face and pain sliced his regrets to screaming ribbons."

Alissa | 52 comments Humor button?
"you know, that's the trouble with drinking. Come the morning, you can never remember their names" Arithon to Dakar.
I laughed out loud, considering this implies he didn't even bother with the faces.
The Sethvir/Asandir dialogue about Talith abduction has already been quoted by Siv, I second it. Never thought Sethvir has such sense of humor. Or when he says "Thats' the part of his personality that makes us all feel like we've been kissing coiled vipers for a penny bet" (to Eldir, when it is known Arithon stole the ransom)

And Dakar's confusion spell in Vastmark against Keldmar's troops, the whole scene is totally hilarious, but
"The banner bearer became engrossed in a weepy, long dialogue with his belt buckle" undid me.

Character? Dakar, but I'm still irked with him, and then Tharrick and Diegan. Tharrick because he was the one who suffered the most, both physically and psychologically, in the aftermath of his first encounter with Arithon, yet he's able to understand the integrity behind his actions, and gives the prince another chance like he was given another. Other characters, even after witnessing Arithon's compassion, are more easily swayed by doubts.
And Diegan was the best friend ever, loyal to a fault, able to change for his devotion and love, but falling short the last step, that sparing a friend from pain is not always to his advantage. His final scene was heart-wrenching. Yet very different from Pesquil's, for example, a character I never liked but who I could admire in his death throes.

Take pause?

As for Siv, the "I am master of nothing". I reasoned that Arithon manages to help others to muster the courage to take their lives in their own hands, and never offers easy platitudes. But as far as he is concerned, he's denied free will. I was thinking the only reprieve he had was his time with Halliron, and even that legacy, his Masterbards gift, is now linked to his fate.

All Dakar's reasoning of course.

And then when Lysaer is mulling over the rout on Vastmark: "He must stand before people of all kingdoms as a presence beyond mere flesh and blood. Only then he could raise the inspiration to fire men to offer themselves in sacrifice". And here the prologue of Mistwraith hit me again.

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