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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Stafford (bardsfingertips) | 5 comments Mod
How about downtown? That's where I work, after all, it is it a tad difficult to find a nice place to read. There is a lounge across the way from my in Symphony Towers on the 12th floor that is a bit of an umbilical cord between the main office building and the Hotel that is appropriately named The Skyy Lounge. Yes, it is centered around a bar. So, it's a good place to buy one drink after work and curl up with a book in one of their overstuffed chairs.

I had the pleasure of discovering another place: The Coronado Library. It seems that at 5:00 it is a rather easy drive to get across the bridge. Monday through Thursday, the library closes at 9:00PM, which I think is fantastic. So, a good plan that I am thinking of doing is going to Coronado after work more often to read in their very beautiful and comfortable library and then go over to this 50s themed diner that is very reasonably priced. I forget the name, but there is not an item over 10 dollars on the menu.

Do any of you have reading spots to share that are publicly available?

message 2: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne (suzecate) | 2 comments I have great difficulty reading outside my house because of my sensory issues. I can page through a magazine, but I can't read anything that requires the least bit of concentration unless I have on headphones with white noise.

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Stafford (bardsfingertips) | 5 comments Mod
Seriously: the library at Coronado is just lovely.

message 4: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (kjsmulvihill) | 2 comments I have to admit that I like to read at Balboa Park now and then. Of course it's getting colder at this time of year...and I also like dog parks! I don't have dogs. I have cats. So I like to go to dog parks with my husband and watch the dogs. We'll take a newspaper and hang out for a little while. Is that so wrong? :-)

message 5: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Stafford (bardsfingertips) | 5 comments Mod
I agree with you, Kjsmulvihill. I actually have a semi-secret spot. I enjoy going to the cafe's seating area near MOPA after hours when it's closed. Usually MOPA is open late so all of the doors are still open, but the area is nice and quiet. Granted, this is idea for nighttime visits... As for the daytime, anywhere in the park is actually nice. As a member of the Zoo, I have actually gone to the more quiet nooks of the park. I am sure i have been gawked at for being the only one enjoying a book, but a membership is a membership ;-)

message 6: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (kjsmulvihill) | 2 comments I love the zoo! I am a member too. I never have enough time to go, but there have been times when, if I only had a helicopter and could parachute from the helicopter near to the entrance of one of the aviaries, I would spend my lunch hour there reading. But then, there would be no place to store the used parachute and I'd have to find a way back to the helicopter and back to work before lunchtime was over. Maybe a hang-glider would be better, if only the zoo had a hang-glider parking zone and some segways... But seriously, I have tried to make plans with my husband to "camp out" in an aviary for an afternoon of reading. The San Diego Zoo is a great place to go!

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