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message 1: by Tim (new)

Tim (timcampbell) | 13 comments Mod
Just tell us who you are and anything you'd like for us to know about you. We'll assume you're a reader, but do you also write? And if so, what?

message 2: by Luke (new)

Luke Wood (Luke_Wood) | 1 comments My name is Luke Wood, born and raised in Lynchburg and I have five books of poetry currently published and I'm currently working on my first book of essays and short stories. I have been offered to release my books through publishing companies but I self-publish. Three of my 5 books are available on, B&N, and I've sold books overseas. I also have all of my books available as e-books. Here are my books that I've published
1. Notebook of the Mind: The Prelude
2. Shadows & Sunshine
3. Awakening with the Sea
4. Lies of the Fearless
5. Aspects of Love
6. Veering Straight Ahead (coming in August)
My first two books are available as e-books on amazon's kindle store and B&N's nookstore, the print copies are on Everything else is available on, B&N, and various other bookstores

message 3: by Wmba (new)

Wmba Dams | 8 comments call me anything as long as you smile while you say it:)

i was hoping to find more people in lynchburg here. sort of sad to see that the few are so inactive here.

is there a better site for burgers to chat about things on?

message 4: by Tim (new)

Tim (timcampbell) | 13 comments Mod
Actually Wmba, I'm embarrassed at the total lack of attention we've generated here. I am now though going to try to do better.

message 5: by Tim (last edited Sep 11, 2019 10:58AM) (new)

Tim (timcampbell) | 13 comments Mod
Lunchbaggers galore ... I hope! Let's try to rejuvenate or maybe it's just juvenate this group. Please tell us about the genres you prefer to read and if you are also a writer, then tell us what genres you choose to write. I'm going to come here everyday and add something to this group.

message 6: by Wmba (new)

Wmba Dams | 8 comments Do you go to the Hill city writers group at the community center? I think they meet on Tuesdays at Miller center. They have a facebook page [But I refuse to use facebook for security and privacy reasons] and appear to have more than just older people in the group. I am a bit hesitant to driving and parking in that part of town, more so at night.

They do seem to be somewhat active.
There were also some folks doing nano last year. And a new kid being local honcho this year. Not sure that nano efforts last past November, in spite of camps and other stuff they attempt. They do seem to get a lot of people signed up in the Burg as well as Bedford, and many other surrounding locations.

Pantsing a draft of a novella in a month, without planning, like most nanoers seem to do, is nonsense to me. Personally I think that pantsers are just Walter Mitty types playing at being a writer. They love writing and thinking they are being 'creative'. I liken them to little kids banging on a piano expecting to write a symphony like Beethoffen.
Just came up with that one! I think I will use it in my book when it gets written.

I prefer non fiction. I may someday dabble in fiction. I did write one flash fiction story for a contest once. I am more likely to compose music or take photographs though. Or I might write computer software if I wanted to be 'creative'. And I am trying to convince myself to finally finish writing a non fiction book. Although these days it would be a lot shorter than my past attempts and would be much less technical like I had considered in the past and much more general with a wider potential audience.

I taught myself how to write in my 30s when it was do that well or get fired from my job.

Public schools and ten years at a big uni did not teach me diddly about HOW to write. All they did was tell me to write , usually with no planning time at all, then gave back the paper full of red marks that were all low level SPAG issues. Looking back the only thing I remember is what a comma splice is and that it irritated the whazzits out of the English dept. And that HS taught a totally nonsense method of outlining. I hate outlining! Outlines are what you do after you finish the first draft. To write the first draft you must plan and organise.

I saw the same problem with my students at the uni when I taught as an adjunct. The English department just did not teach HOW to write. They are hung up on low level SPAG at the bottom of the editing hierarchy, which has at least 3 major levels, 5 typically, and up to 9 or more depending on which editing group you talk to.

I am in the photo club locally. My wife died so I do not go to the bridge club. There is no real chess club. My knees are too sore to ride a bike anymore so I did not even look for any bike clubs. And audio composing and editing does not have any clubs anywhere that I know of.

message 7: by Nita (new)

Nita  (goodreadscomnita) | 1 comments Tim wrote: "Lunchbaggers galore ... I hope! Let's try to rejuvenate or maybe it's just juvenate this group. Please tell us about the genres you prefer to read and if you are also a writer, then tell us what ge..."

Hi! I am rather new here and glad to see the group is up and running. I like to read literary fiction, biography and memoir, short stories, mystery/thrillers, and current events. I do not enjoy romance, fantasy or science fiction.

message 8: by Wmba (new)

Wmba Dams | 8 comments Hi Nita. I am relatively new on GR. When reading I tend to read non fiction technical works, or fiction genres like thriller and spy/intrigue.

I am doing one book of short stories now but finding it falling short of what I would like quality wise. I recently read one bio, but that is rare and depends on the person and my interest in them. Memoirs I detest, although I did read one recently that was done very differently and that made it good.

I never could get into literary fiction, which I take as a synonym to long dull and boring with nothing happening like those movies from BBC. Maybe its an acquired taste. I would much prefer Janet Evanovich and Stephanie Plum solving a case, but not Janet and some co-author doing one of the clearly just for the money books she puts her name on.

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