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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jesicu) The Vampire Academy Twitter night has been scheduled for Saturday, September 25th at 9pm EST.

In a random moment of complete lunacy, I managed to schedule our very first twitter with cocktails night the very same weekend I'll be on vacation and away from the computer. While I'll try to check in on my phone - although I'm not sure how much my husband will appreciate it or how feasible it will be since that's the same day I'll be at Wizarding World of Harry Potter - I'll need someone to take over and lead the discussion.

Basically, I need a volunteer who has either already read the book, or knows for certain they will read the book before twitter night, who can guarantee they will be available at that date and time. You won't have to do anything major or crazy - just announce the discussion before it begins and at the start time and then be an active participant in the discussion with those who do attend.

First person who wants it, gets it. I'm so sorry to abandon you guys, especially for our very first cocktail night. Looking at the calendar, I may move the night to the last Friday or even the 3rd Friday of the month (if that isn't too early for everyone) to avoid future conflicts. I'll keep everyone updated.

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela B I want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter soooo bad!

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