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message 1: by Will (new)

Will Errickson (wille) I'm halfway through his 1979 novel THE NIGHTWALKER and it's very good; is the main character some sort of sociopathic killer, or actually a kind of werewolf? I've read his 1986 novel FINISHING TOUCHES a few times over the years and it's stellar. It's not supernatural horror but has a truly disturbing mad scientists/de Sade type of character. Extremely erotic too in a believable way. I've read a couple of his other books like THE FATES but that was long ago... wondering if anybody else digs this guy? These books have fortunately been republished in mass market editions.

The Fates by Thomas Tessier
Finishing Touches by Thomas Tessier
The Nightwalker by Thomas Tessier

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott Finishing Touches was great. Rapture was a good thriller. I love his short stories as well.

message 3: by Adam (new)

Adam Wilson | 220 comments I wondered if anyone knew about Tessier. He doesn't have that many ratings on here. I've read Finishing Touches, Shock Waves, and the new edition of Nightwalker with an intro by Jack Ketchum and a very disturbingly sexual story at the end. He is very good, but I never was driven to track down all of his work and read one right after the next. I still have Rapture and Wicked Things waiting to be read and I'm sure I'll get around to them sometime soon.

message 4: by Will (new)

Will Errickson (wille) When I worked in a used bookstores years and years ago Tessier's books were more common, which is why I picked them up. I don't think I've read any of his short stories, and I know I haven't read anything new by him, but he's a good strong writer and I'm glad I've rediscovered him. He and Peter Straub were, I believe, friends when they both lived in London in the 1970s.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Tessier got Straub interested in horror fiction again.

message 6: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Reichenbaugh (kurtreichenbaugh) | 122 comments One of Tessier's books I liked is Secret Strangers. I don't think it was well reviewed but I found it compelling. I didn't care for Wicked Things, however. I haven't yet read Finishing Touches but I've heard only good things about it.

message 7: by Adam (new)

Adam Wilson | 220 comments Finishing Touches was good but it didn't stand out for me at all. I've already forgotten most of the book. I did read it over a year ago though and have read well over 150 books since that one so maybe that's why, but usually books leave some sort of impression on me and that one didn't. None of his books have. They are enjoyable but for me they are missing that thing that drives fans to track down everything they can get their hands on by that author.

message 8: by Dave (new)

Dave Roberts | 3 comments I've read Nightwalker, which I liked quite a bit. Tessier's Fogheart, though, is a masterpiece, as far as I'm concerned. I haven't ready any other novels of his, but I think I could read 'Fogheart' once every couple of years.

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