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M (wwwgoodreadscomprofilem) | 337 comments In Island in a Storm one of America's top oceanographers--Abby Sallenger--documents the perils of coastal erosion.

Here's Aby Sallenger Goodreads's Author profile with two reviews from and

" The group Talks with Authors " - In September 2010, the montly's History of Science's book club will host Abby Sallenger for a Q&A about his book Island in a Storm

From September 10 to September 11, 2010 the author will answer your questions each day. Let's talk with Abby Sallenger about the history of Louisiana!

Here's an interview with Abby Sallenger - BookTV (C-Span) video (18 minutes) - about Island in a Storm that includes his motivations for writing the book and experiences with the publication process.It was shot at the Virgina Festival of the Book this past April.

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M (wwwgoodreadscomprofilem) | 337 comments In a few hours, The Green group will start its first event of the monthly's History of Science with " The group Talks with Authors "
For three days, The Green group community and its members will host Abby Sallenger. I'm glad to introduce this talk about the History of Louisiana, an island which was in the 17th century a part of The New France.

Island in a Storm by Abby Sallenger

PS: Please refrain from using foul language, and always remember to be courteous and respect other people's opinions and views during the talk.
Thank you. The moderators

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Abby (abbysallenger) | 9 comments Hello everyone,

Looking forward to talking over the next few days about my narrative nonfiction book ISLAND IN A STORM: a Rising Sea, a Vanishing Coast, and a Nineteenth Century Disaster that Warns of a Warmer World…

I think you’ll find it an intriguing story, and maybe learn a bit about the environment, beaches, and great storms (painlessly!)

Checkout the brief Prologue from my book, which is in my Goodreads Profile at

Also, checkout a short BookTV interview about ISLAND IN A STORM

Join us… Looking forward to answering your questions…

Best, Abby

Abby Sallenger

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M (wwwgoodreadscomprofilem) | 337 comments Hi Abby,

Thank you to take time for discussing with the group about Island in a Storm for three days.

We're looking forward to discuss with you about the story of one of America's greatest hurricane, the ravaging of Louisiana's Isle Derniere by the Last Island Hurricane of 1856.

Here's the link to follow the talk

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