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Seth sighed lightly as he began his class.

Tyson walked around the school with his new current girlfriend. She was another of the pretty and bitchy type of girls who acted like she was better than everyone just because she was going out with him.

Elliot(Kai) watched from a distance and then he smirked lightly as he started to break-dance to his Ipod which was playing "I Like It" by "Enrique Iglesias". Many people watched and his few fangirls cheered happily squeeing to each other.

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((love that song!))

Giselle walked through the halls her books clutched to her chest as usual. A group of guys walked by and pushed into her. She dropped her books and tripped. She sighed softly watching as her music paper flew everywhere.

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((haha yeah same here XD Its pretty cool))

Elliot and Tyson had seen what had happened and they both stopped what they were doing and walked over. Tyson glared at the guys, "way to be mature ass holes!" he yelled a straight look on his face and as the snobs they were they just made a 'hmph' sound and walked away. Elliot started to pick up her papers putting them back in the order they were supposed to be in, "sorry about them...those guys are known as the jerk and snobby people around here...but your a senior here so you probably already knew that...stupid freshman" he said laughing lightly.

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She nodded slightly picking up papers with foot prints all over them. She frowned seeing a several crumpled and torn pieces of music. She sighed softly putting them back in order again. "thank you" she said just above a whisper.

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Elliot smiled, "ah its no kicking their asses for ruining the music and pushing you over and not apologizing about it though...thats something you shouldnt do" he said. "exspecially not when i can see it clearly" he frowned angrily watching after the boys.

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She smiled shyly "thanks" she said again. "Im giselle" she held out her hand to him after standing up.

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Elliot smiled and took her hand, "ah im Elliot...but people call me Kai...and you have probably heard about Tyson over here...the Prince of the school" he said jokingly.

Tyson smiled to her, "ah hello" he said bowing like a theatre actor.

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She smiled and nodded "ya..I'm sort of new here so not many people have heard my music..I guess thats why I'm not really known yet" she giggled jokingly. "It's nice to meet you"

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Elliot smiled, "yeah you too" he smiled.

Tyson nodded, "ah yeah yeah nice to meet you too" he said looking around then when he found his current girlfriend he smirked flirtily to her and ran over and grabbed her hand giving her a light kiss then they walked on together.

Elliot sighed lightly, "ah ignore him...hes a huge flirt...just dont fall for his spell" he laughed lightly.

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She giggled softly "I haven't yet so i doubt it will happen.. lets hope i don't..I hear he has a new girlfriend every week?" she asked just to make sure.

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Elliot nodded, "basically...he's never really been serious about girls since the one he got super serious with cheated on him with her supposed "ex" but...she died in a car accident a few years ago...with her ex-boyfriend" he said.

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She bit her lip "I know what it's like to be cheated on" she said softly "My condolences to her and her "ex-boyfriend" I hope he's ok" she said softly.

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Elliot looked at her, "...well he looks fine to me...i mean it was after they had broken up and gotten over each other already so....yeah but...i think it did hurt his heart...but you know...hes a boy no matter how you look at it...we get over certain things better than you offense or nothing" he smiled.

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She giggled "you know what they say..girls can hold a grudge but guys usually forget" she smiled. "It's good to hear that he's ok" she nodded slightly.

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Elliot smiled and nodded as well, "yeah...i think so to" he said. "so you said you were new here right? Do you already know where everything is or would you like for me to give you a tour after class?" he asked.

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She pursed her lips "A tour would be nice" she smiled "I don't really know where everything is so..ya" she looked at the time "I really should get to class...I'll meet you at the cafeteria after class?' she asked smiling hopefully.

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((I gtg bye bye ill try to be on tomorrow if I can finish my stupid journals for pre ap english 9 *sigh* I hate summer work :/))

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((its all good i might not even be on tomorrow im pretty busy but ill try to))

Elliot nodded, "yeah sure thing...see you later Giselle" he said and waved lightly putting his Ipod back into his ear and walking outside and getting his Cello off the ground and walking to a practice room.

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She waved "Bye Elliot" she said softly with a small smile as she walked to class.

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Elliot got into the practice room made sure the sound proof door was closed and then he started to play a light sad song that he had to play at the next concerto.

Cello is Elliot and Piano is Tyson but imagine it with just the Cello lol))

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((thats a beautiful song))

Giselle walked into her guitar lessons and walked over grabbing her guitar and set down her other things. She grabbed her practice book and opened it sitting infront of the teacher.

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((thanks ^.^ i love that kind of music))

Seth began the music class for the juniors and a few seniors and some of the other two grades. He began with the basic scales for the newer students and then he would gradually make it more difficult when they got it right.

Tyson seperated from his girlfriend and went to class even though he was a little late but the teacher just smiled and let him into the classroom unpunished for being late.

Elliot went ahead and practiced through the song about 5 more times.

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((this is me a few years back :D ))

Giselle followed along but not very well. She sighed softly not wanting to give up. She was very determind to learn how to play guitar.

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((ah cool))

Seth noticed her struggling and then the bell for class to end rang. He walked over to her, "i know someone who can help you out with your chords and things better" he smiled. "my little brother plays all the time and im sure he'd be willing to help you out" he said.

Tyson was called to the front of the class to play his violin. So he decided he would since he was bored and went to the front and began to play.

((song he played: ))

Elliot put his cello into its case and then he walked out of the practice room and went down the hallway to go meet up with Tyson.

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((I love that song :) I had a friend sing Ave Maria for Chior consort and it was beautiful))

Giselle looked up at him "who's your brother?" she asked softly while closing her book.

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Seth looked at her, "oh he's my younger brother. His name is Tyson" he said.

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She raised her brows "oh I see" she smiled slightly "I sort of..met him in the hall way today." she giggled softly and stood "Thanks I'll try and find him a little later"

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Seth smiled, "oh its good that you know him already...but i dont think youll see him the rest of the day. Him and Elliot are going somewhere out of town...i was just gonna call him later and ask him about it" he smiled.

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"oh" she nodded slightly "Elliot was going to give me a tour after you know what time they are leaving?"

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Seth shrugged, "not sure later this afternoon...but if elliot said he was giving you a tour then you can bet he will...that kid doesnt know how to lie or say no" he said laughing lightly.

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She giggled again "alright" she smiled "thanks again" she said grabbing her thigns and puting her guitar in the case. She also grabbed that and headed out the door.

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((i have two other characters, Tyson and Elliot))

Seth waved lightly, "see you in class monday" he said then he started to clean up his classroom.

Tyson sighed lightly as he leaned against the school walls looking at the sky waiting for his "girlfriend" who he was already starting to get bored with because she was starting to get to attached and clingy.

Elliot waited by the cafeteria doors for Giselle.

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Giselle smiled and nodded "see ya monday" she said and walked to the cafeteria looking for Elliot.

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Elliot was sitting at a table listening to his Ipod and taping his foot lightly as he read over his music even though he already had it down. He wanted to make sure he was even do it all right.

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She saw Elliot and smiled sitting next to him. She set her Guitar case down.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kana was in the practice room singing one of her songs and playing her gutair.( this is what she sings)
She moved around getting into the music and totally forgetting class.

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Elliot looked at her a little surprised but then he smiled, "ah hey there...ready for the tour?" he asked smiling lightly.

Tyson looked at her, " bad" he said simply then his girlfriend ran up glaring at Charity, "who is she?" she asked all stuck-up like. Tyson sighed, "dude your clingy....its done...leave my sight..." he said then he offered his hand to help Charity up.

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((haha so nice tyson so nice))

She nodded "ya"

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) (wow lolz)

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) After awhile of practicing she put her gutair in the case and left the room with a sigh turning the cornor and into the cafeteria and looked around for a place to sit.She didn't really have freinds but the freinds she did have she barly talked to her.

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Seth stood by the school gates and pulled out a cigarette. He never liked his students knowing that he smoked.

Elliot smiled, "alright then come on lets go" he said happily and then he stood up putting his cello on his back and putting his sheet music away in his bag.

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Giselle smiled slightly and picked up her guitar. "ok" she said softly fixing the bag on her shoulder.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kana just grabbed a apple and milk.Taking it outside and sitting under a tree and took a bite out of her apple with a sigh looking around with her eyes seeing people teathers and instruments being played.Kana shook her head and hummed to herself.

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Xox_Kyosuki_xoX (aleka) | 13 comments Skyler walked around the school looking down at a small map of the school and running his hands through his hair. "Damn it." he groaned looking around swinging his guitar around his shoulder. "Where the hell is the office...?"

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Xox_Kyosuki_xoX (aleka) | 13 comments *Hand not hands :P

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Giselle heard Skyler "umm..I think its just down the hall take a right and then its on the left side.."

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Xox_Kyosuki_xoX (aleka) | 13 comments He looked over at Giselle and flashed her a smile. "Oh thanks so much." he said in a british accent and with a polite nod he continued to walk looking at doors following her directions.

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She nodded smiling slightly "welcome" she said softly.

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Xox_Kyosuki_xoX (aleka) | 13 comments He turned around while walking and gave her a small wave and then turned around again going down the hall and into a door.

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She waved back and looked to Elliot.

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