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She finished the book yay!!!!!!

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Breemck I reallly want conrad and belly togrther cause after all the stuff theyv been through they need to be together!! But what if Jenny throughs conrads ex-gf into things?? Cause if Belly dosent end up with conrad im going to eather cry or burn the books!! But noing me id prob go out and by them all agin soo tell me your thoughts!!!

this,is,my,username.. i dont think he will i think he just went to that one chick cause he couldnt go to belly

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Breemck i really hope thats the case but remember when jere said that she broke his Harte do u than con faked that?? or something?

Brianna She will always have Jeremiah, and since she will be in her 20's, maybe she will meet another guy, like when she met Cam. You never know.

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Breemck Yah but u cant but just not hope to end up with ur first love. But i think she has to be with one or the other cause it wouldent make sence for her not to be yah no? But if for some reason she cant be with Conrad and winds up with Jere o think ill be ok ill still probly cry but it wll be oook!!!! maby? :) :) :)

this,is,my,username.. yea same here

Maggie I'll be okay if she ends up with jere, but i really really want it to be conrad.

this,is,my,username.. i think she finished carrla lee and the apple pie dream not the summer book :(

Blankhasaquestion Who does she end up with?

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