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Lyn Ace Jay

Ace held Jay in one arm and his sister, Lyn's arm on the other as he walked toward the empty house on the corner, trying to see if anyone was there.

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Giselle heard foot steps and scunched further back in the corner afraid. Jason had his arm around her whispering "don't worry"

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Ace opened the door quietly, "Anyone in here?" Lynn hid behind him

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Giselle's eyes widened and she scooted closer to Jason. Jason made the mistake of sneezing.

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Ace heard the sneez and saw the people, he sighed in relife

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Giselle sighed softly. Jason looked up and saw Ace he smirked slightly "It's alright" he whispered. Giselle nodded slightly standing with Jason. Even though she as older he was slightly taller than her.

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Ace Smiled, "Hi"

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"hi" jason replied back. Giselle kept quiet.

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Ace smiled, "I'm Ace, umm look, your not gonna try anythin are yah?"

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Jason shook his head "nah I got a sister to look out for" he jestured to Giselle that was still holding onto him.

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He smiled, "So, how'd you get here, we were dumped off from a hilicopter

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"same here" he said. "well more like thrown but ya dumped off the helicopter." jason nodded slightly.

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Ace frowned and adjusted Jay slightly on his hip. "Why don't we start looking for food?"

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Jason nodded. Giselle hesitantly let her arms fal to her sides and took a few steps forward. "I know where there are some berries" she said softly.

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Lynn smmiled, "Then lets go find them."

Ace glanced around, "I am actually going to go scavenge things we can use for beds and such" Lynn shot him a consirned glance and he gave her a reassuring pat on the arm

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"I'll stay and help" Jason smiled slightly "Im jason by the way and this is my older sister Giselle" he waved a hand at her.

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Ace smied and said, "Oh This is my kid sister Lynn-" motioning to her, "And this is my bundle of joy brother, Jay"

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Giselle giggled softly "he's cute" she said refurring to Jay. She always did love kids.

Jason smiled and waved at them.

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Jay giggled at them, Hiii"

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Giselle giggled again and waved "hi" she said softly with a warm smile.

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Jay giigled and then hid in Ace's shoulder

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Giselle's smile grew a bit.

Jason cleared his throat "maybe we should get to work" he suggested. "right" giselle said snapping out of it. She headed to the door.

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Lynn went out the door too, Ace went out also

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Jason followed them.

Giselle looked around trying to find the trail she found earlier. She looked around for her footsteps and smiled following them. "There's a little stream of fresh water near the berries to" she said softly to Lynn.

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Lynn smiled, "Let's go fine them."

Ace looked over at him and said, "Hey, let's go scabange"

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She nodded and looked around "I love the wilderness" she said after a while.

Jason nodded "Anything in perticular we are looking for?"

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He looked up, "Well, wepons, things for security"

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Jason made a face "those can easily be made with sticks"

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He shook his head, "No, well we need more than that"

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He pulled out a pocket knife and smirked "I found this when we were dropped off..Giselle's against weapons" he shrugged "she told me to lose it but I think it would be better if we kept it"

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He shoook his head, "Yeah, totally" He grabbed a metal stake out of the ground, "Could sharpen them, have to hide them from the girls"

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Jason chuckled "she would flip if she knew I still had it" he said rolling his eyes.

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He smiled and pulled back a bush, there was a body with a gun in the hand, he laughed he was so happy, he picked it up and put it in the back of his pants, "Score!!!!!!!!!!" ((g2g))

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"I wouldn't take that if I were you...we don't know how the guy deid...we need my sister she's sort of a doctor and could tell us how he died and if it was a contagious diseas" Jason said lookign at the body.

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He frowned, "The gun can't infect me can it? I mean once your sister sees the gun it's gone..." he siighed and then looked around, "Hows about right now we look for stuff to fish with?"

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((Dude My stomach hurts like hell))

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"I don't know..." he said looking at the gun "things carry germs and if it's contagious you could get it...plus my sister deosn't have to see the gun she just has to see the guy's body" he smirked thinking of the face she would make. "ok...fishing tools"

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((I sorry :( take a tumbs or advil or somethin...*hug* feel betetr))

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He frowned and hid the gun in another bush and then smiled, "I'll be back" he turned to him, "Yeah fishing junk, I don't do the whole fishing thing so I have no idea."

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(( Thank you for the hug... wahhhh, it feels like someone is stabbing my guts from the inside out... I will go take asirine))

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Jason chuckled "lucky you my dad loved fishing and used to take me on his fishing trips when I was younger" ((welcome :) aprine? my mom says I can't take asprin haha cuz it's un healthy for people under 20 or something like that so I take advil instead))

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He smile, "Then I will consider myself lucky" ((Oh, well I actually took tylonal extra strenth, like three of them...))

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He nodded slightly "ya but it was fun" he smirked.((haha nice :P))

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He smiled, "I meant that you're around... but if you wanna take it like that." he smiled and looked around, "what do you need to fish?"

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He chuckled softly "umm...some thin rope string would be good rope if better fr a net though..." he looked around and picked up two sticks looking them over "these should be good for the poles"

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He frowned and looked for the stuff he had said

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Jason sighed softly and looked around some more. "do you think there's someone who killed the guy in the bush?" he asked trying to pass time.

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He shook his head, "Why would the guy who killed him stay so close?"

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he shrugged "I don't know...looks like people hardly ever come here plus it's a good place to hide...and no one to find the bodies if out of sight of the helicopter"

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