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The Pearl

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message 1: by Dan (new)

Dan | 4 comments My overall impression of the book wasn’t that great. The book seemed dark and depressing. It was hard to understand at times and the characters always made me angry. The only moral of the story I found was don’t think money will make your life better. For Kino, it only made it worse. The value of the pearl tore his family apart and it even affected people around him; he started caring about himself more than others lives and well-being. When the pearl led him to kill someone, he still did not let it go.
The things I enjoyed about the plot while reading were how Kino reacted after the bad things happened and how he carried out the things he said he was going to do, like when he sold the pearl in a faraway city. I also enjoyed reading about how he was planning on getting a rifle (which he did), and all of the other things that he dreamed of doing or owning. I also thought it was interesting how Kino had a song for almost everything that happened.
The only character that I liked was Juana because she was the only one who knew what the right thing to do was. She wanted to get rid of the pearl so that people wouldn’t try to kill them for it, but Kino always said no until the end of the book, after the worst had happened.
I would recommend this book to high school students who are willing to learn from it, but not read it for enjoyment. I personally did not like it very much.

message 2: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Wieringa | 3 comments Overall I was not very partial to the book The Pearl since it was not nearly as interesting for me to read as other books I have read in the past. Although I didn't enjoy the book as a whole, I did think that John Steinbeck did a great job in sending across a message to all of the readers of this book. This message was of greed, and of what could happen to you if you become greedy. As a result of that I would recommend this book to someone that was greedy. I would do that because this book would hopefully send across a message to that person so they realize that nothing good comes of being greedy and in hope that they would realize their fault and change. One of the main questions that I thought about after finishing this book was why is the ending so sad? I think that in result of the ending being so sad it makes more people dis like the book or to dis like it more than they previously did. I know that it made me dis like this book more than I already had when I read the ending. That is why I cannot understand the reason for John Steinbeck to make the ending as it is. Another question I had was did anyone else ever come after Kino and Juana looking for the pearl? Even after they had gotten rid of it and thrown it into the water by their house?

message 3: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Arms | 3 comments The Pearl was a very creative book with a very interesting storyline. I liked the unique aspect of the native peoples’ lives such as the songs of evil and the family. This shows the common people’s perspective. I liked the storyline of the pearl. I thought it was a little unrealistic how Kino found a special pearl, but all the trials that he went through were fascinating. It was interesting when the author described Kino finding the pearl made everyone his enemy. He was constantly getting attacked and harassed because of the pearl.
There were definitely some lessons in this book. It showed how greed could be bad. Kino was under attack because he didn’t sell the pearl. That man died because he was greedy enough to try to steal the pearl. It also tells the importance of family. Kino and his wife had a nice, normal life before he found the pearl. At the end they just threw it back in the ocean and their son had died. That was very sad, but it was all because Kino didn’t want to let go of the pearl.
I recommend this book for someone who wants a quick read because it was easy, fast, and worth it. I did have some questions after I was done with the book. Why did Kino and his wife never verbally communicate? They hardly ever talked, and that led to destruction, such as when Juana tried to throw the pearl. Miscommunication can be bad overall and have many consequences.

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