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What constitutes martial arts fiction?

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message 1: by Bert (new)

Bert Edens (bedens) | 11 comments So what would each of you consider martial arts fiction? Can it be any novel where a character throws a spinning wheel / heel / whatever kick, or does the main character have to practice martial arts? Where is the line drawn?

Interested to see what others think...

message 2: by John (new)

John | 9 comments I think there's a difference between fiction with martial arts in it as opposed to "martial arts fiction." It would seem to me that the latter would have to feature a central role for the martial arts in plot and character. So, for instance, PI Elvis Cole in the novels by Robert Crais practices taekwondo, but these are detective novels, not martial arts novels.

message 3: by tinabot (new)

tinabot | 18 comments Yeah, I think martial arts has to be at the heart of the novel or thoroughly integrated as a major component of the story to make it Martial Arts Fiction.

I think it works if the main character doesn't practice martial arts, but maybe it's an integral part of the world that character interacts with.

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