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Delia (unfogettablelex) | 110 comments Mod
1. dont cuss at people in the group.
2. Don't Roleplay with someone else's character. -.- You wanna Roleplay make a character and then you can.
3. You wanna talk about stuff that is pointless towards the Roleplay and Charactes theirs a random chat folder for that.
4. You have questions about the roleplay or characters? Go to the update folder refrain from talking in the Roleplay or charrie folder, This gets highly annoying to the other members, and newbies.
5.Roleplay in third person, less confision this way.
6.Dont kill someone's charrie off unless you both agree on it and the other Roleplayers are in on it.
7.You got to have more then a couple sentenses, I know annoying but we need to know what your thinking so no gets lost of what your thinking. So if you could describe your surroundings and smells (5-(6) sents) that would be great.
8. Have fun.
9. you have a plot idea talk about it in the chat folder, to not confuse the others.
I'm sure you can catch my drift here.
And if I have to add more I will .

message 2: by techno (new)

techno (cyborg) | 27 comments hahah na da sweety ^_^ we'll be good lil angelz on here 6_^

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