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Idolatory of the State

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clifford_jg Utopian thinking, idolizing the state, glorifying the nation/ethnic group are all dangerous thinking. This book debunks the myth that the State starts out as a benign entity that was created out of the conglomeration of smaller entities like cities or villages. Instead it posits that the state is a tool used by the powerful elite of one group to gain advantage over another group. The state first and foremost serves the interests of the economic elite.

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Duncan Berry Nice commentary.

I would add that Oppenheimer's most avid fan was Albert Jack Nock, whose Our Enemy the State was a brilliant recapitulation and application of the sociological theory to the origins of the American government.

One other piece of note is Hans-Hermann Hoppe's pamphlet on so-called "natural élites:" a quick and stirring read along these lines.

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