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message 1: by Adam (new)

Adam Wilson | 220 comments I've read three of Pinborough's books: Tower Hill (3 stars), Breeding Ground (4 stars), and The Reckoning (5 stars). She is an amazing author and I'm surprised I haven't heard more about her. I'd like to see what others think of her writing and maybe by posting this thread I can help other people notice her because if you are a fan of horror and haven't given any of her novels a try, you are surely missing out.

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott I've read The Taken and The Reckoning. She isn't the most original writer--her subjects are pretty well-worn--but she writes very well and creates solid characters, so they end up being pretty good books.

message 3: by Adam (new)

Adam Wilson | 220 comments The Reckoning seemed like a cheap haunted house movie to me when I was reading it but I loved it for some reason. Even the ending was like a cheap shock moment but I was amazed by it.

message 4: by Scott (new)

Scott I liked that she put a little different spin on the "haunted" house.

message 5: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) The Reckoning wasn't my favorite of hers but I still loved it too. My fave is The Taken and I've also read The Hidden. I have a hard time with some British writers due to the dry writing style but this never comes up with her books. I love how smoothly the writing goes and even if she is using some tried and true topics she carries them across in her own way making them wonderful reads.

message 6: by D4ngerousBeans (new)

D4ngerousBeans | 122 comments I have read three of her books so far and i`m loving them all so far Breeding Ground by Sarah Pinborough
The Hidden (Leisure Horror) by Sarah Pinborough Feeding Ground by Sarah Pinborough , I also think she just written a more thriller style of book and I will give that a go when I get the chance A Matter Of Blood The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy (Dog Faced Gods Trilogy 1) by Sarah Pinborough

message 7: by Bandit (new)

Bandit (lecturatoro) | 8220 comments I really liked The Reckoning, thought the writing was much better than average haunted house story. I liked how she writes her characters. I really want to read the rest of her work, but can't seem to come across any. I think Breeding/Feeding Ground books might have to go on my christmas list.

message 8: by G.R. (new)

G.R. Yeates (gryeates) | 69 comments I recommend A Matter of Blood. I think the change from doing horror with Leisure was a big step but it's allowed her to develop her voice and style immeasurably. It's a grand cut above the more traditional horror of the Leisure books, great fun that they are.

message 9: by Bandit (new)

Bandit (lecturatoro) | 8220 comments thanks, G.R. I haven't heard from anyone who's read her post-leisure work yet, I'm glad to hear it's good. I hope I'll come across them soon, I haven't been able to find them so far.

message 10: by D4ngerousBeans (new)

D4ngerousBeans | 122 comments I read A Matter Of Blood The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy (Dog Faced Gods Trilogy 1) by Sarah Pinborough while away at work this time , It started off slow , but then the pace just gets going , it`s a superb book , with some really good twists , that for once you don`t see coming, my only gripe is that i wasn`t able to download the 2nd book in the series where I was as I didn`t have an internet connection ggrrrrr..... The Shadow of the Soul (Dog-faced Gods Trilogy) by Sarah Pinborough

message 11: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments I'd like to read more Pinborough books, too. I agree with Bandit about the wonderful way she develops her characters. Nothing they do or say is forced or unbelievable.

message 12: by G.R. (new)

G.R. Yeates (gryeates) | 69 comments Bandit, you should be able to get them as ebooks at least. I know they are out in that format by Gollancz.

message 13: by Bandit (new)

Bandit (lecturatoro) | 8220 comments Thanks, G.R. but I don't have an e-reader, I'll keep checking local UBS or figure out a way to get them online used
plus the covers are so striking, they'd be fun to collect

message 14: by Jason (new)

Jason (darkfiction) | 3233 comments Have you tried Abe books, Bandit? They almost always have the books I'm looking for. And cheap!

message 15: by Bandit (new)

Bandit (lecturatoro) | 8220 comments oh, yeah, HA has turned me on to abesbooks and I really like them, I just got this great Masterton omnibus (4 books in one) on there for $5.24 including postage from UK. They have some amazing deals.
This series by Pinsborough might be my next purchase.

message 16: by W.D. (new)

W.D. (wdprescott) I love Sarah's books. My first book was The Taken by Sarah Pinborough and it hit home for personal reasons. So, I was hooked. I devoured all the other Leisures books and liked-to-loved all of them. While the subject matter might have been "well-worn," I have a feeling that it was a Leisure book had some influence on it. Just look at their back catalogue carefully. When The Language of Dying by Sarah Pinborough came out, that was Pinborough at her best that I have read, so far. You could tell she haad more freedom to write the story. I've been meaning to get into both A Matter Of Blood The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy (Dog Faced Gods Trilogy 1) by Sarah Pinborough and The Double-Edged Sword The Nowhere Chronicles Book One by Sarah Silverwood but just haven't had the time.

message 17: by G.R. (new)

G.R. Yeates (gryeates) | 69 comments You'll enjoy A Matter of Blood, W.D. It's a very effective mix of horror and thriller - like Se7en in book form.

message 18: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments I need to read more Pinborough. Breeding Ground and Feeding Ground are great.

message 19: by Jason (new)

Jason (darkfiction) | 3233 comments I want to read Breeding Ground. I've heard nothing but good things.

message 20: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments Jason, it's good and so is its sequel. To tell you the truth, the sequel Feeding Ground goes into more detail about the spiders and their higher intelligence. It's pretty creepy, and I'm not scared of spiders.

message 21: by Jason (new)

Jason (darkfiction) | 3233 comments You've sold me on it, Tressa! I always like your recommendations.

message 22: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments Oh, thanks, Jason. I think you'll really enjoy them.

message 23: by James (new)

James Everington | 66 comments I haven't read any, but I know a story of hers is in an anthology on my to read pile - House of Fear: An Anthology of Haunted House Stories so if that's any good I'll no doubt check out some of the novels recommended above...

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