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message 1: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) The answer to the riddle must be a specific historical battle, document, figure, etc. The answer is posted as a reply to the riddle.

Made of stone, I snake along
Winding like a dragon's long
Tail, I sit, and wait for battle,
Warning as a serpent's rattle.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

The Great Wall of China?

message 3: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Yup! I know it was easy, but I just liked the rhyme.

message 4: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
did you write that urself?

message 5: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) yuppers.

message 6: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Waiting in the shadows, fading from the light,
Watching people play on stage, I'm ready for the fight.
Pulling out my trusty weapon, sneaking up behind,
I quickly pull the trigger, clear the guilt out from my mind.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

The murder of Abraham Lincoln.

message 8: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) who was it?

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

John Wilkes Booth.

message 10: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) yuppers, I was bored...

message 11: by RedPath (new)

RedPath No, my lady, they do not want cake.

The most dire statement that you can make.

And while you are here, treated like a queen.

They are polishing the guillotine.

message 12: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) AAAAAAAAAh

Marie Antoinette!

message 13: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) didn't have to read the rest, only the first line! I love her! Sorta...
mostly the part in 'Killer Queen', by Queen.

message 14: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) nice rhyme: queen-guillotine

message 15: by RedPath (new)

RedPath XD thank you!

message 16: by TigerLilly (last edited Aug 28, 2010 06:09PM) (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
the last of six,
survived the marrige.
and a coffin draped in gold,
was pulled by the richest carrige.

the people wept,
his mistresses cheered,
the death, history, and wars
were finally cleared.

message 17: by RedPath (new)

RedPath I'm gonna say King Henry VIII

Either that or his sixth wife, Kathrine Parr

message 18: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
his death, yeah. ur good :)

message 19: by RedPath (new)

RedPath Awesome! And thank ya!

message 20: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod

message 21: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) And is enna girl from the books of Bayern, by any chance?? ~_~

message 22: by RedPath (new)

RedPath Yep!

message 23: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) :D LOVE those books- reading River Secrets right now!

message 24: by RedPath (new)

RedPath :O That one is hilarious!!!

message 25: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Yep, it's sooo good right now. Also reading Mockingjay, got it today. *gasp* that rhymed!

message 26: by RedPath (new)


message 27: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) !_!

message 28: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
lol. please, try to make a RIDDLE

message 29: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) People lying all around
Nothing but the saddened sound
Of drums of war, played in the distance,
Injured fallen need assistance.

A fateful song is written now
By a poet, in the prow.
A house a-burning, people cry
Grab the precious, time to fly.

message 30: by ♥Pudding♥ (new)

♥Pudding♥ (pudding) The Revolutionary War? Like, the song's the Star Spangled Banner?

message 31: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) No and Yes.

message 32: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
um............................ world war II?

message 33: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Past-er...

message 34: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
world war I?

message 35: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) past-er-er...

message 36: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
civil war?

message 37: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) past-er-er-er...

message 38: by RedPath (new)

RedPath Revolutionary War?

message 39: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) future-er...

message 40: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) *grin*

message 41: by RedPath (new)

RedPath Past the Civil War, before the Revolutionary War?

message 42: by RedPath (new)

RedPath Was it in America?

message 43: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Yes, it took place mostly in America. After Revolutionary, before Civil.

message 44: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Come on, you guys can do it!

message 45: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
battle hymn of the republic?

message 46: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) ♥Pudding♥ wrote: "The Revolutionary War? Like, the song's the Star Spangled Banner?"

Right song, wrong time.

message 47: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
battle of fort Mchenry?

message 48: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Nope. You guys are forgetting one key war in the 19th century. Under Madison's presidency? (I apologize if you're not American, but I guess this involves British people, too)

message 49: by TigerLilly (new)

TigerLilly (Tiger-Lilly) | 68 comments Mod
idk................................................ war of 1812?

message 50: by RedPath (new)

RedPath French and Indian War?

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