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jD (jd_4everbooked) | 109 comments Mod
I am of the mind that a good book is a good book. I am also of the mind that knowing what happens in a book does not spoil it for me. There are times when spoilers can help, for example:
1) You read it but skimmed too much and missed some detail and you want to know if it was important
2) You only want to know one thing in a book and don't want to invest the time to read hundreds of pages or spend the funds to find out.
3) 90% of the book sucked, so you put it down but still want to know about that 10% you cared about.
4) You don't like cliffhangers and would rather wait for the full series to be published so you need a heads-up

I could go on but I think you all get the point. What I would like to do here is provide a safe place to ask a few probing questions about a book (for your own personal reasons) in the hope that someone (who has read the book) will give it to you straight. I will start the discussion by asking if anyone read the second book in the Song of Ice and Fires series --, book one is A Game of Thrones?

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jD (jd_4everbooked) | 109 comments Mod
There are a few spoiler sites for the Song of Fire and Ice series like this one

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