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Some Random Idea's for eBook Readers

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message 1: by Aaron (new)

Aaron (syar) | 142 comments I was browsing the web earlier and came across a video that I watched a couple of months ago and thought I would post it here. The video is of a guy named Kevin Rose. Kevin is a fairly big name in the tech world as he is the founder of and has also worked on TechTV in the US. He currently hosts a podcast called Diggnation for Revision 3. He also does other podcasts for his own blog and works with other podcasters. He is also an Angel Investor and invests in some really cool and upcoming companies

The video is his views on what he would like to see in eReaders in the future and I think there is some really good idea's. I thought I would post it on here to get feedback on what you think about his ideas.

P.S. on of the the idea's will not work of the kindle or any other e-reader but the idea would be great for an iPad, the other will work fine on any device

message 2: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 542 comments I am lazy and do not wish to view the video. What are some of the ideas?

message 3: by Bakari (new)

Bakari | 22 comments Thanks for posting this.
I wrote a sorta follow-up blog post which briefly discusses how e-readers could be better used for social networking (e.g., Book clubs.).

I also re-posted Kevin’s video which has good ideas.

message 4: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 29 comments The ideas have a lot of merit, some more than others.
I would love to be able to know how close to the end of a chapter I am while reading. ;)
*Character information links - click-able while reading
*Leave a voice "friend annotation" that a friend or you could read later
*Lend a book to a friend and see where they are reading ("page") and then able to recall the book
*Stats page that estimate pages you have read per minute and help estimate how long it will take to finish or get to the end of a chapter
*keep up with networked friends position in a book you are reading together
*links to videos about subjects in the book.

Ralph Gallagher | 327 comments Mod
I did enjoy some of his suggestions, however there were a few that I don't want.

The audio annotations are a not want for me. I don't see why they can't just leave a text annotation. Voice is just going to increase download times and use up battery power. If I care that much, I'll give the person a call.

I don't want multimedia attached to the book either. Instead of taking a minute to download a book, it'll take me an hour to download it since it's going to have all the videos and such attached.

For the subjects, I wouldn't mind a text article that can load if I want it to. Similar to scrolling through words with the dictionary, maybe be able to highlight a word and Wikipedia it. Same with the character information - keep it to basic text and maybe a few images but don't give me video and audio that'll take forever to download.

I did like the idea of the book lending, which B&N is attempting to fiddle around with. Eventually it'll become a reality.

I liked the stats page that tells you how much you've read this session and how long it took. Having it estimate the time needed to finish the book is neat too.

The networking between friends is already being used, though it could be vastly improved upon. There's the "popular highlights" feature that came out in the last software update. Plus it's integrated with Facebook and Twitter updates now too.

message 6: by Bakari (new)

Bakari | 22 comments I highly recommend giving Amazon your feedback on features you want to see on the Kindle and Kindle app. The company seems responsive to customer feedback.

message 7: by Bakari (new)

Bakari | 22 comments I don't want multimedia attached to the book either. Instead of taking a minute to download a book, it'll take me an hour to download it since it's going to have all the videos and such attached.

Well, I think there should options for either a multimedia version of the e-book or just the word-only version.

Before they add a lot of advance features, I would like to see more and better annotation features, e.g., different color highlights, a notes-only review panel, and the ability to star individual highlights.

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