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message 1: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Mikell (bmikell) | 3 comments Hi - I am looking for a professional looking nook case that has room for a notepad and folded papers. I can't seem to find anything that fits the bill. In a perfect world, it wouldn't have those little corner straps, either - my nook has the cover connectors. Anybody have any ideas?

message 2: by Jenny (new)

Jenny Q (jenny_q) | 34 comments I bought this. It fits the Nook. There are nicer cases but this one was cheap and practical with the mesh pocket for holding stuff.

Search for Nook cases on Amazon and a lot of nice options come up.

message 3: by Archer (new)

Archer There is this, little expensive but oh sooo cool..

message 4: by Bree (new)

Bree (simplyparticular) Only B&N's Industriell series of cases uses the Nook's connectors, which is a shame. I really like how the Nook sits in my Industriell easel case.

There are lots of cases with pockets, but not too many designed to hold a notepad - I'd be worried about it rubbing up against the screens, especially the touchscreen, since it not recessed like the E-Ink screen.

JAVOedge has some nice professional cases, with pockets. They don't use corner straps - the Nook slips into a sturdy "box."

message 5: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Mikell (bmikell) | 3 comments The JAVOEdge cases are the closest to what I am looking for, Thx! I wonder why something like that is so hard to find?

message 6: by Donnajo (new)

Donnajo I went to needlepoint today and I was thinking the other day it would be neat to do a needlepoint case for the nook. Well at first I saw they had the zippered ones which I was going to get then the girl that works there said one of the other ladies did that one and wasn't happy because your stitches on the back of the canvas are exposed inside the case. She then showed me a leather one that has the elastics inside like a regular nook case and you do a certain size canvas that fits in the insert on the front cover. Perfect. I had the nook with me so I made sure it fit and I picked out my canvas which she order which just happens to be my favorite painting Klimt's The kiss. So I think the nookette will be very happy. Maybe some day I'll still get the oberon for the time now I'm looking forward to getting the canvas so I can start stitching it for the nook.

message 7: by Raggedyann (new)

Raggedyann | 62 comments I saw a couple style cases on eBay with pockets. One was pictured with a small notepad but I didn't keep that link.

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