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TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 111 comments Name:Alex
Birthplace:Paris, France
Fav color:black
fav food:Es Cargo
Histiry:Went into war when he was 15 and has been a trigger happy soldier ever since
Other:always has his revolver
App:Short, strong tan

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Rizza (blackroseev) | 172 comments Mod
Name: Ixandrias
Age: 17
Orientation: Strait
Birthplace: Dublin Ireland
Favorite Color: Dark Red
Favorite Food:What ever.
History: It is said, people with red hair are fey...Ixandrias had lived in the same small town all her life until she was attacked by a wolf. On the next full moon, she shifted into a wolf. As time passed she leaned to change at will.
Other: She's a werewolf and had to flee somewhere she could blend in better.
Appearance: Ixandrias

Wolf form

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