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message 1: by GinBee, Founder & Mod (last edited Aug 25, 2010 10:39AM) (new)

GinBee (jennymbee) | 4468 comments Mod
The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, #1) by Gena Showalter
This is the place to gather to talk about the September group read The Darkest Night.

How are you finding it? What do you like (or not)so far? Is the heroine kick ass? Got a great Alpha male? (sample Q's to get you thinking! I've not read this so they may not all be relevant!)

If you've already read the book feel free to jump in too!!

Please be respectful of spoilers - do a warning if you are posting one!

message 2: by A.J. (new)

A.J. (joyknight) | 3 comments Hmmm. This is the first book I've read by this author and I don't think I'll be picking up another of Ms. Showalter's books for a while.

The good things: It is a page-turner. She keeps you interested. Exciting sexual tension between the 2 main characters - Ashyln & Maddox.

What I didn't like: cheesy dialogue, "spoon-feeding" summaries about how the characters feel. Lack of depth in the characters.

Too bad so many of the steamy books seem to be lacking...

message 3: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) i read her young adult book, intertwined and i really couldnt get into it. i may try again. but darkest night will be my second attempt wit this author. i hop that i will like it.

message 4: by Literary Ames (new)

Literary Ames (amyorames) | 276 comments A.J., I wasn't a big fan of the first one but the second, wow! The series gets better as you get to know the characters and see what they have suffered and are continuing to suffer. Poor Paris (Promiscuity) and poor Gideon (Lies). I'll be starting Aeron's book (#5) in the next couple of days, I'm not sure how his book will work with his little friend in tow.

message 5: by Dafny (new)

Dafny | 7 comments This was actually my first PNR book. I love this story and the Lord of the Underworld series and i think "Ames" is right. The stories might seem a little neanderthal at the beginning nothing but steamy sexual tension but as you get to know the characters, their pain and the new threat that could destroy them you fall in love with them. Darkest Night opens up this world of dangerously seductive warriors that despite their tough shell all that they really want is someone to accept them and love them for who they are...demon included...

The plot continues bringing new characters and revelations that would keep you at the edge of your seat and waiting for the next book.

At he moment i have just gotten Darkest Lie ( book # 6) the last book released and i cant wait to read it, the suspense from the last book on Gideon and her female is killing me.

the book sets in now day but deals with Greeks, Titans, Demons and Angels. Good versus Evil except that in this story evil is not always as bad and you really don't want the so call good side to win because if would mean the end to the strong immortals.

message 6: by Angelika (new)

Angelika | 104 comments Well, it might be "cheesy" but I find so are most other PNR. I'm hooked and invested in the characters and personally don't think the series is that bad. I can't say the same for another of her series but I like this one. We all have diferent tastes in reading and so what? If we all liked the same thing there wouldn't be too much variety would there?

If you want less "cheese" go UF I say. Most of it is better written. If I want light and a quicker read I go PNR.

message 7: by Tracy T. (new)

Tracy T. I enjoyed this book a lot. I think Showalter has created a great world with a unique spin on the supernatural character, not to mention she's a good writer.

So many books to read, so little time.

message 8: by Schelle (new)

Schelle | 46 comments I had a lovely time reading this book, I found the thought of a bunch of gorgeous hunky men living in isolation strange at first (like a dodgy football team) but the characters grew on me and I look forward to reading more of their stories. Anya was a nice bit of colour too - I like a woman with cheek.

message 9: by Andi (new)

Andi | 74 comments I am just about to start reading this book having just finishes Storm Born and thought I'd drop in to see how others are finding it. It seems mixed. I'm going to have to get reading and decide what I think of it.

message 10: by Kerstin (new)

Kerstin I finished this one yesterday and have to say that I quite enjoyed it. It's a solid start for a series and I will pick up the next one soon.
I did like the characters, even though Ashlyn was a bit very sweet from time to time. The romance came on a bit fast as I prefer when the tension between the couple builds up for a while and they don't fall for each other the first time they meet in chapter one.
I do look forward to the other Lords stories, especially Torins and Paris'.

message 11: by Bianca (new)

Bianca | 117 comments I really enjoyed this one and have read the second in this series as well and loved that too. I think its definately a very enjoyable series to read, I love all the male characters, they're all so fierce and yummy :p

message 12: by Pink (new)

Pink I've just started reading this book after seeing it on the September monthly read, I'm only on page 64 and Im really enjoying this book. Can't put the book down becasue Im wanting to find out what happens next to the main characters.

Ashlyn finds herself drawn to a fortress where a group of men suspected by locals to be demons or angels live, but the locals keep their distance from these dangerously seductive warriors.

message 13: by Andi (last edited Sep 22, 2010 02:08AM) (new)

Andi | 74 comments A.J. wrote: "Hmmm. This is the first book I've read by this author and I don't think I'll be picking up another of Ms. Showalter's books for a while. ..."

I have to agree with you. I really didn't like this book. The characters are flat and uninteresting and some of the less important characters are gratuitous to the plot. I like the idea of the story, but I don't feel it is well written. The pace feels all wrong, sometimes too quick and sometimes too slow. Events that could have done with more detail often lacked enough to let the reader paint their own picture of the scene or understand what was actually going on. At times it felt as if the author had written too quickly following a train of thought, rather than taking time to develop her ideas. It felt like more of an early draft than a final copy. As I read this book, I recognised elements of other stories / series I have read and wonder how much this book was influenced by other popular Paranormal Fiction series. I wanted to put this book down after a couple of chapters. Although I finally read the rest of this book, it is safe to say I will not be reading the rest of the series.

Wicked ♥  (Wickedly Bookish Reviews) aka Bat-Jess | 62 comments Just started this one and so far so good. I am interested in seeing where this goes although I have to admit it reminds me a little too much of Black Dagger Brotherhood. I love that the author ties in Greek mythology, but I'm hoping by the end of the book she distinguishes herself from J.R. Ward. I bought an ebook bundle with the first three books in it for $9.99, so I will be reading all those at least. We will see how this goes...

message 15: by Susan (Suz) (new)

Susan (Suz) (sharney) I have recently read the first 2 books in this series and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed both! I like her premise and I enjoy her writing style.... Looking forward to reading book 3 soon!

message 16: by Janet (new)

Janet Perez | 17 comments This was the first book I read by Gena Showalter and I truely enjoyed it! I just finished book two of the series and started book 3. I also purchased book 4, and i'm beginning to think i should go ahead and order the rest of the seriew because at this rate I'll be done with 3 and 4 by Saturday. I can't believe i waited to read her series!

I'm completely in love with MY demons! :)

message 17: by Janet (new)

Janet Perez | 17 comments Tracy wrote: "I enjoyed this book a lot. I think Showalter has created a great world with a unique spin on the supernatural character, not to mention she's a good writer.

So many books to read, so little time."

I completely agree the world Showalter created is unique and I was completely wrapped up before i knew it! :)

message 18: by Stefanie (new)

Stefanie (xlivngdeadgirlx) | 8 comments May contain spoilers!!!! Not sure if you'd consider it a spoiler, but i figured i'd note it just in case! i hate being the one to spoil a book! :)

Ive read the entire (all that are released) Lords of the Underworld Series and I loved every book!! I only have one complaint. As with every romance novel, there is the one main couple for each book. Without giving anything away, I felt that each couples story was very similar to those that came before it.. They start off with the strong male who refuses to love, then he falls in love with the woman, he angers her, she leaves, comes back, fights for their love and then they're happy again. Dont get me wrong, they are all very enjoyable books and I would no doubt read them all again, however in my opinion, they were very predicable.

message 19: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) I read this book a few months ago and really disliked it. I was so irritated I had bought it. There is good PNR and then there is PNR that lifts its ideas off other series and this is one of them in my mind. After I read this book I went back and look at the publishing date of this book and the dates of the books I found VERY similar themes -- and they were all published years and years before this first one. Maybe these series gets better, but I just felt like Showalter did not have one original idea. I just can't say enough bad about this series -- and it is depressing bc the entire series is for sale as a bundle on the kindle -- great deal if I liked it! Plus I think the covors are beautiful.

One good thing the concept of Paris (the guy who could infect people ... was that his name?) was a interesting one and I am semi-interested in reading his book.

message 20: by Literary Ames (new)

Literary Ames (amyorames) | 276 comments The one who could infect people is Torin, Paris is Promiscuity. I'd say this series has come into it's own now. This first book is the weakest. The second book was hilarious and books 4 and 5 have cemented me as a fan. I only have #6 and the shorts to read, I can't wait but I've been spreading them out, trying to make them last.

message 21: by Regina (last edited Sep 25, 2010 11:39AM) (new)

Regina (reginar) Amy, has Torin's book been written yet? If so, which one is it?

message 22: by Literary Ames (new)

Literary Ames (amyorames) | 276 comments No, not yet though he's had a love interest and scenes with her in a couple of the books.

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ | 98 comments I've read the first book of this series a while back and just loved it and since I'm all caught up and waiting for the rest. I loved the first book very much and I agree with people who say it only gets better. The characters settle in, they claim their own personalities and the romance has never failed to entertain me yet. In fact, the 4th book (Sabin/Doubt) had what I considered a nice intense scene in it.

Regina, I can't wait for Torin's book either, I feel for that guy. Rumors go around his might be the last in the series but who knows, though I wish he'd get his HEA soon :)

message 24: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie_r) | 127 comments I really enjoyed this one and am so glad that it was chosen as the group read because it wasn't on my radar beforehand. I flew through it and will definitely continue with the series.

message 25: by Marlo (new)

Marlo (minnietoo) | 1 comments I agree this is the weakest in the series. They do get better as they go on. To me this series is a good filler series to read in between my other series that I love like BDB, Night Huntress, Demonica and Acro.

message 26: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (samsbooks1020) | 2 comments I'm in the middle of this one right now and am liking it so far. It is a good change from all of the urban fantasy reads that I've been reading lately. So far this is both a series that I would read more of and an author that I would read more of :)

message 27: by Kim (new)

Kim | 14 comments This is one of the series on my "series I have't finished challenge." I thought it was pretty good. A little too descriptive in the beginning, but I guess Showalter is setting up her world. I just picked up the second novel I'm sure I'll like it too. Enjoy your read!

message 28: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (samsbooks1020) | 2 comments I did end up liking it but it is definitely a first in the series type of book where everything is getting set up for the next books. I liked it enough that I'm going to continue on even if I did have a few minor problems with it. Overall a good read so I hope you enjoy the 2nd one :)

message 29: by Sandra (new)

Sandra This was OK, but not great. Felt like a familiar story-line, 'strong but tormented warrior meets girl who's not scarred of him who wants to save him from his pain.' I get that a paranormal romance by definition often has a male and female lead who are inexplicably drawn to each other, with love and lust developing in a crazy-short amount of time. That's fine. My problem was that Showalter didn't ever explain what caused this between our hero and heroine. I can accept that she hears voices. I can accept that he makes the voices go away. But WHY? HOW?! Not even any speculation on this subject. The first 3/4 of the book was mostly the romance and set-up, which was OK, but it did pick up a lot in the last 1/4 with more character development (including the other warriors) and plot evolution. So this was OK, I won't pick the next one up immediately but will keep it in my mind when I'm in the mood for another light PNR.

message 30: by Colette (last edited Nov 20, 2010 07:12PM) (new)

Colette | 2 comments I am waiting to read the latest in this series and I love them all. If you like smutty books with a little action then you will love them too!

message 31: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) So I am just starting this and I am thinking the voices thing is really weird and the demon thing inside the warriors reminds me a bit of BDB in Rhage book when he has that thing inside of him, don't remember what it was called though, no this isn't really original, but I think I'll read some more to see where the story is going, and I heard that the other books are better so we'll see. HAven't read PNR in a long time.

message 32: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) Mariya that was my issue exactly. It reminded me of Rhage and also of Daegus in the Dark Highlander. And then the woman reminded me of several women from various PNR. I just couldnt' get into this book. I sometimes think about reading the others, sometimes.

message 33: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) I have just started at the heroine is the most annoying heroine I have ever read in an PNR. but determined to finish the book b/c I wanna read the others in the series, usually the first book in PNR comes out as weak for me, we'll see. like I didn't like BDB first book, but I liked the second much better.

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