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message 1: by Wendes (last edited Aug 25, 2010 10:18AM) (new)

Wendes okay so all of u who have read mockingjay what do you think about the changes with gale???

i hated the incomplete ending between the two of them. how could katniss not try to reconcile with him at all? the way Gale's character is built up, he loves Katniss and her family and it doesn't make sense how he would just leave her completely on her own devices when she's half mad after shooting Coin. he doesn't comfort her, explain to her or even go SEE her. instead just goes off to District 2 maybe "kissing another pair of lips" what happened to the Gale that was willing to fight everything for the girl he loved? instead he just abandons her to her own sorrow? where's his over Prim who he loved like a little sister? it just doesn't make any sense.

even if collins wanted to end it properly with why she picked peeta, still, she must know how pissed off gale fans are.

his last words to her are 30 pages before the book actually ends.

message 2: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (thebookwarrioress) So horrible. I said in another post I would have rather he died when he went to rescue Peeta, looking like a hero, instead of what she did to his character.

message 3: by Rose, TEAM GALE (new)

Rose (rose_b) | 330 comments Mod
I didn't hate the ending too much because they were still friends, and gale didn't just dissapear, he went to work in D2. I thought that it was great that they rescued Annie and she married Finnick, but it was so sad that Finnick died, and I wished that Katniss had been more sad about his death. I loved in the end how she shot Coin instead of Snow, cuz I wanted her to do that all along. I didn't want Prim to die, but I would have thought that there weren't enough deaths if she hadn't. I'm rambling again, so I'll shut up now.

message 4: by Wendes (new)

Wendes they weren't really friends at the end. Katniss and Gale never reconciled because she believes it was Gale's arrow that killed Prim. he didn't do anything to comfort her or anything over Prim's death and he just ends up in district 2 and never goes to visit her

message 5: by Wendes (new)

Wendes i know! he didn't even go TALK to her ONCE when Katniss went like nuts

message 6: by Wendes (new)

Wendes yeah, like please FINNICK??!!!

message 7: by Wendes (new)

Wendes ugh. and at the beginning i thought there might be hope cause it said they were getting closer again.

message 8: by Gabry (new)

Gabry (gabyhd) I miss the old Gale, damn it.

message 9: by Wendes (new)

Wendes with you there girl

message 10: by Gabry (new)

Gabry (gabyhd) Yup, and I wish there was more to him in the end, but that's just it.

message 11: by Wendes (new)

Wendes His last words were 30 pages before hte book actually ended

message 12: by Rose, TEAM GALE (new)

Rose (rose_b) | 330 comments Mod
I hated finnicks death, cuz:


message 13: by Wendes (new)

Wendes EXACTLY!!! Gale's character as he was written never would have done that. THAT'S why it makes no sense

message 14: by Sloane (new)

Sloane  | 225 comments i hope you don't mind if i cuss, but i'm really pissed at Collins

message 15: by Wendes (new)

Wendes it's okay, we're all in pretty much the same line of thought

message 16: by Rose, TEAM GALE (new)

Rose (rose_b) | 330 comments Mod
I still like her! I just don't like the book that has her name on it!

message 17: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelcully) Seeker wrote: "His last words were 30 pages before hte book actually ended"

its so messed up! i read the epilogue cause i thought she would make up with gale but NOOOOO she is off prancing around with her wierdo peeta kids. You cant get rid of gale like that! he wuld fight for her! all i could think when i finished it was WTF?

message 18: by Wendes (new)

Wendes Has anyone else seen The Hunger Games board game about training and strategy?

message 19: by Rose, TEAM GALE (new)

Rose (rose_b) | 330 comments Mod
I almost bought it while I was spending 2 hours in borders cuz the person told us to get there early to see suzanne Collins even though we didn't have to, but anyways, that's not the point. It looks great!

message 20: by Wendes (new)

Wendes Yeah, actually looked really cool!!! :D

message 21: by Wendes (new)

Wendes Apparently, it's about their training for the Hunger Games

message 22: by Rose, TEAM GALE (new)

Rose (rose_b) | 330 comments Mod
I'm gonna buy it!!! (right after I buy the bass that I don't have enough money for.)

message 23: by Sloane (new)

Sloane  | 225 comments umm hi i still hate suzanne collins!!!!!!!!!!

message 24: by Rose, TEAM GALE (new)

Rose (rose_b) | 330 comments Mod
Sloane wrote: "umm hi i still hate suzanne collins!!!!!!!!!!"

Don't be like that! She's a nice person! If Katniss had picked Gale, Then all of the P**ta lovers would be doing what we're doing.

message 25: by Sloane (new)

Sloane  | 225 comments exactly!!

message 26: by Rose, TEAM GALE (new)

Rose (rose_b) | 330 comments Mod
: )

message 27: by Sloane (new)

Sloane  | 225 comments yeah

message 28: by Gabry (new)

Gabry (gabyhd) XD I don't mind the fact that Gale wasn't picked.... *shrug*

message 29: by Rose, TEAM GALE (new)

Rose (rose_b) | 330 comments Mod
neither was I . . . . I was just hoping.

message 30: by Wendes (new)

Wendes Gale was always secondary to Peeta, but fans can dream

message 31: by Sloane (new)

Sloane  | 225 comments he's mine now !!!!!!!!

message 32: by Wendes (new)

Wendes it was a brutal, sudden, cut off ending

message 33: by Sloane (last edited Sep 22, 2010 06:02PM) (new)

Sloane  | 225 comments yeah. and Barbara, Haymitch would never be the same if he stopped drinking D:

message 34: by Sloane (new)

Sloane  | 225 comments sorry, typo!

message 35: by Jeannie (new)

Jeannie (serenity77) I agree pretty much with all of you... I wish Gale had have had more of a story line but then we never hear from him again. I thought that was really harsh on Collins part!!

message 36: by Sloane (new)

Sloane  | 225 comments yeah!

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