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I am running.

It is pitch black, and my long black hair, so dark for a girl of my age, sticks to the back of my head, dampening my back. I dart past parked cars, a dark streak of blackness against the bright light of the street lamps.

My bare feet pound on the hard pavement, and in the distance, a lone clock strikes one. I'm late....

A familiar building is in my sights now. I rush up to it, and hammer on the door. It opens by itself, and I drag myself in.

The floor is surprisingly warm for such a night, but it is nearly pitch black. A lone candle dimly illuminates the long, dull corridor, with all but one door painted a murky grey. The last door, however, is a deep black, even darker than night outside. I trudge up to it, and open it. It creaks, as if it is not in use.

At a table, 5 other people my own age are already sitting. They stare at me coldly, eyeing my slick hair and soggy clothes. Then a boy, who's piercing blue eyes stare at my like daggers, speaks.

"Kunzite. You are late. Time is not something you can take freely. It is like gold, even greater." His emotionless face remains rigid, like wood.

"I know, sorry." I mumble, as I go to sit down.
"Wait." one of the girls, a year or so younger than me says. I looked up at her. She has blonde hair, short, and a blank face like the others. "Go and change into these." She instructs, handing me a pile of clothes. "Be ready in five minutes. Don't hesitate, girl."

Five minutes later I am dressed in a white gown, identical to the other teens'.

The oldest, a boy in his late teens, with a turned up nose and greasy hair, stands. "We all know why we are here." he announces. "It is tradition to hold these meetings on the night of the new sun, and to establish new ground on which to learn."

Ugh.... I think. How cliché...

Then he begins rambling on about a Shadowless, and how we must take certain precautions... blah blah blah.......

I am so bored.


Why am I even here?

It's not like I chose be to be one of these people.

And it wasn't exactly my fault she didn't turn.

So what if I've seen Amdis?


Why didn't I help her?

Because I couldn't.

Yes I could.

But I didn't know I could.


It's too late now, anyway.

It's not like I could bring her back.

Not even Armitta could do that.


Maybe Charlie could.

But no-one's seen him for years.

Maybe Amdis got him too.

Ugh, I hope not.


I remember when he used to sneak me bits of chocolate.

He was so sweet.

It must have been so hard, keeping it a secret.

Especially from those he loved.



What's the time?

I look up. No one seems to have noticed I've zoned out - they are all nodding and making suggestions.


I stare out of the window. The sun is beginning to rise, creating orange mist. I sigh.

We are dismissed.

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((Long, right? I have a prologue in work.))

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((thanks you.))

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"Pass the ball!!" my PE teacher shrieks.

I really hate PE.

I don't think slamming a ball over a net until your palms are red and sore, or as my PE teacher calls it, "Volleyball", is fun in anyone's opinion. But you don't tell her that. Unless you want to be yelled at, right in the face. Her breath smells of hamsters.

Maybe she eats them.

I wouldn't be surprised.

My ponytail bounces as I jump, and try to hit it. I miss, and scowl. My best friend, Lily, gives me a small smile. I just manage one back.

Suddenly the school bell rings, indicating us to go back and get changed. Saved by the bell.... I think, as I trudge back.

Lily runs up to me. "Heya, Zimmy!" she grins. "You know I hate being called that!" I laugh, shoving her playfully.

She pretends to be hurt, wincing mockingly. I smile, my worries gone. Not for long, though.

We are stopped as we race to the changing rooms. "Oh, hello Josh." I say flatly.

Lily grips my hand, for Josh is the school 'bully'. I say 'bully' because I do not believe in bullies. They are sad people with no life. I feel sorry for them.

Josh scowls at us, and without warned, pushes both of us against the wall, one in each hand. He is so close I can smell the unwashed reek of his breath. His sweaty hand grips our shirt tightly.

"Listen, midgets. I gotta favour to ask." Strange way to ask... I think. He continues. "I want a jacked from Wolf, but I'm banned. So that's why I'm gettin' you two to get it for me. Ya got that?" he asks, leaning in further, pushing us up further. My feet lose contact with the floor, so I speak. "We will do no such thing." I can't help the way I speak, rather formally. I've been called posh for it. I don't care.

"O, I really think you will. Cuz if you don't..." he threatens, but before he can finish, a sharp, shrill noise pierces the corridor, making me wince. Josh releases me and Lily, for there is a sports teacher standing in the doorway, angry. It is obvious she has overhead the entire conversation.

"Let them down." she says coldly. He releases his grip on us, his face dark. Lily grabs my hand and drags us away before it gets ugly.

"Ugh, that idiot!" she fumes, as we change. I nod in agreement. "I know, he's so immature." I say. We go outside, now dressed.

"What have we got next?" I ask. Lily checks her school diary. "Maths." she groans. We have different maths classes. I wave to Lily as she skips (yes, skips) to maths. I take my route, but as I am about to open the door to the building, I hear a blood-curdling roar.

I turn around, and see a large creature on top of the sports hall roof, as big as it.

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((Physical Education.))

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♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) ((Your an awesome writer!))

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((Thanks! My work is published (((Kinda)))))

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♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) ((Cool! Mine isn't so no one steal it! JK))

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♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) ((I told my friend about my writing and she thought it was creepy. i guess it is. But, I never get to express the creepy part of my personality.))

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) ((How do you send writing to a publisher?))

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) ((Oh))

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) ((yeah))

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) ((Na. I don't think I will. I'm not a super great writer. I only really do shool writing and NaNoWriMo))

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) ((National Novice Writers Month. It's when you write an etire novel in one month. For 18 and under you have to right your grade x 1000 words. For example I'm in 7th grade so I'd write 7000 words. For 18 and older you write 50000 words))

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Andrea (crazyniko) you are really good at this. Keep posting please. And what is it with people in Good reads with Cliff hangers?!?!?!?!?!

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Andrea (crazyniko) no andrea. but i want brielle.

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Andrea (crazyniko) it was sarcasm. But seriously, what happened to brielle? Did she leave this group?

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Andrea (crazyniko) huh.

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