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Locé Styx like post your writing? or actually write here?

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Make a new topic for it.

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Locé Styx ?

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Like the ones I and Fadhilah made.

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Locé Styx thats okaii, well i was just wondering what this one is about cuz i dont get it?

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To tell you to make them.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Wait, I have to write my characters profile in here and then write the novel?

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Andrea (crazyniko) Okay cool. I will write one write now on the first chapter and you have to comment before I make any more.

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Andrea (crazyniko) My fantasizing, musical love life

"Dawn! get your dancing butt up her and help me carry YOUR luggage!" My twin brother Sky yelled at me from my room as he held my luggage in pain that was clear in his eyes.
I laugh at him and stand in front of him but don't help him at all. He glares at me and almost snarls at me (which made me LMAO.)
He puts my bags down and looks at me as if I have lost my mind.
"What's so funny?" he asked. "Your weak!...You can't even carry my shoes!" I answered laughing at him while I tried to regain my breathing.
"Your shoes! You must of packed some boulders here too because it is H-E-A-V-Y!" Sky yelled. Here's the deal: mom named me 'Dawn' because she used to always go out and watch the sun set and rise. She'd literally wake herself at 5am. to watch it rise and always go out to the beach when she could to watch it set. She named my twin bro 'Sky' because when she wasn't watching the sun, she was watching the sky; how beautiful it looked with clouds, no clouds and even its color. And since we were twins, she'd always say when we were little something like: 'Dawn, I want to see you set on the Sky.' meaning she wanted me to take a photo with sky. And "The sky fell!" meaning that Sky fell down and hurt himself. But other than that, she's a pretty rockin' mom. My dad, on the other hand, died of a shooting war when I was seven. Some guys were mad and had guns so they shot each other to death. But in the middle of the madness, two bullets were headed strait for me and Sky, daddy saw and took the hit for us both. He died saving our lives. He was a hero. And sometimes I miss him and bawl my eyes out from the memories but then get over it because I remembered he once told me that he didn't want us to cry and be week, instead, be happy and never to forget him. I've kept my promise.

So now that I'm done packing and hearing my bro's cheers of glee and him bragging about not having me around to bug him or annoy him anymore for a whole YEAR- yes, a whole year- I settled down and had my last few hours at my house with my mom and little sister, Luna. (Her name means moon in spanish.) And did I forget to mention that we're half puertorrican from our fathers side? Well... Si. Anyways, my mom was crying when she gave me her good-by present. It was the family necklace. I stared at the huge old diamond jewel in front of me.
"Mom, I can't take this. It belongs to our family. It has to stay here where it's safe." I said between tears.
"None sense. With anyone in the family with a pure heart, it's always safe." Mom responded. We hugged and continued to give me my many presents until my brother broke down crying on saying how much he will miss his baby sister. HA! I knew he was gonna miss all of this! So now I just wait until my ride gets here to take me away from my family and ex-best friends so I can start a life with my dreams and my goals.

Dawn:A tomb boy who loves music and friends and wishes nothing more then to sing, dance, act and have fun. And loves flying with her pixie friends and using magic.


Gender:female pixie/witch

Love interest:Austin Fox

Favorite Activity: Singing, dancing, playing an instrument and acting. And poofing gifts for her friends.

Features: she has glossy blond hair and is 5'6. She has blueish eyes with a hint of green. She is pail but not too pail. She has a curvy body. And when she turns to a mythical creature she has a red shiny dress with beautiful butterfly wings and make up that is part of her skin.

Lives with: Her mom, little sister Luna and twin brother Sky. When she leaves she lives with the contestants in the tour.

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Andrea (crazyniko) These things on the bottom are some stuff to describe her with and what will come up in the next chapter.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Okay!

Chapter two

Nerissa, Marissa and Karissa got home at about 6:30pm. (They're triplets by the way-obviously.) They looked ready to party in there dresses. Nerissa has a brown and yellow strapless dress that's all the way up to her upper knee. She's wearing yellow and brown jewelry to match her outfit and gold heels to put it together. Marissa has a one strap dress on that is colored purple and yellow. Her accessories are also colored to match her outfit but her shoes are colored dark violet. And last but not least, Karissa. Her thin strapped dress is colored, you guessed it, yellow with blue! She is also accessorized with yellow and blue things. But her shoes are sky blue. They have a freaky love to yellow and another color. There not total fationistass like those popular girls you see at school, hell, they don't even like dressing up! There total tomb-boys. And so am I. I feel un-comfortable with my silky red dress. It's strapless and big and poofy at the bottom. In the middle is a black silk ribbon. And my make up is, yes, red and black. I feel like a clown!
"Hey good lookin'. You ready to leave and party harty?" Nerissa said while shimmying her hips and then giving me a pleading look that said 'please don't be ready to do something as stupid as that!'
I shook my head.
"No way, I feel like my heels are gonna break under me at any minute. And if you want to, you can go out without me to Laura's party tonight and be all seductive with your dress." I mocked.
She shook her head fearlessly making her curls bounce.
"Then let's get movin. But first..." I said as I showed them to the kitchen and showing them three yellow and sparkly boxes.
My treat for them for being such good friends and for going with me for a full year around the world.
"You didn't have to!" Karissa squield.
"Yea, we're already going with you around the globe. No more presents needed to get us to come with you!" Marissa said mockingly.
"Well, let's just call it sucking up." I joked as they giggled there buts off and opened there presents.

They gasped and hugged me fiersly. Big hugs just for a CD of Chris brown for Nerissa since she has a crush on him, Nicki Minaj for Marissa since she can rap like her to all her songs and T.I. for Karissa since she clames him as her future lover. What they don't know is that it also is a DVD with pics of us and our good old times. I realy hope they see how much they mean to me.
"No biggy. Now lets go, we're gonna be late." I said. We said good by one last time and our love and luck and bla, bla, bla.

While we were in the private jet with some other teens, I noticed that only 5 other kids had there own back up dancers and singers. And I also noticed that a big hazel eyed guy who is buff and pretty hot was grinning at me. It creeped me out though. I just settled for a friendly smile and drifted to my train of thought while the girls talked to other people.

"I can't believe you guys are against me on this after everything I have done for you. And to think you guys were my best friends." I fired as I was looking strait in the eyes of my many so-called friends. I got the opertunaty of a life time here to show the world my talent and what I'm made of and they all of a sudden, don't think I'm cut out to sing and dance on stage. How dare they! If I didn't know better, I'd say what crossed across there faces when I told them the news was jealousy.

"I'm just keeping you from embarrassing yourself, sweaty. Besides, you don't need them. You've got us, your best friends. And I'm sure you wouldn't want to disappoint us by leaving us for a full year and make us miss you and you miss us. I'm just doing whats best for you." Daniella answered. She had a hateful smile on her face that I just wanted to slap the hell off.
"Yea, I mean besides, you clearly will miss us and the fun times we have together," Laura muttered "And you also will have to suffer on trying to impress some random star who obviously will think that is to good for you."
"But it is my dream. I have to chase it or else I will be thinking of a what could have been." I complained.
Daniella and Laura looked pissed at me but I didn't care.
They must of sensed my reactions because the stepped tords me and looked so bitch-like, I didn't even think they could be my friends. I didn't think anybody could be my friend after this.
"Listen up, and listen good; if you want to hang out with us or be seen with us, you better not go and follow your pathetic little dream of yours which clearly wont come true." Daniella smeared.
"And if you have anythin else to say about it, tell us now." Laura practically snarled. I could int believe I thought they were my friends. I looked at every single one of them. The triplets were trembling but looked serious; Rebecca had her eyes narrowed at me and stuck up her tong, and Claire was arms crossed and looking ready to start a fight. Even though I could take them all at once, I still kept quiet and shook my head. I will still tolerate there crap like always. But not any more. I have a surprise for them in store. They can't tell me what to do. I will reach my goal whether they like it or not. So I went home after school and avoided eye contact with my family and went upstairs to start packing.
I couldint wait for today at lunch. Those witches don't know whats coming for them.

It was lunch and we sat on our usual table. I got up and told them the news.
"Hey bitches no one, and I mean no one, tells me what to do. If you don't want me as your friend, fine. Find some one else to bug. But I've had it with you. And I can make plenty of new friends in the tour. So I say, good day and good bye." I marched out of there as I heard Daniella's red face, screech in anger "Fine! Who needs you! I can have another bitch to take your place. And don't ever show your sorry and loser face again!" And with that I gave them all the bird and went to my next class as everybody congratulated me for standing up for myself and fought for my dreams.

That same day, the triplets knocked on my door as I was eating pizza and celebrating with my little sister our last moments together. They said they didn't want me to go because they would miss me. (As if I wouldn't of missed them if it weren't for the incident today.) They said they were sorry and they did it because the group pressured them into it. And finished with a big SORRY and bawled there eyes out. I forgave them. If anyone knows the girls better than any one than it's me. And they meant every word. Then my mind drifted of to the tie they got they're tickets and the excitement they had. But I recovered as the dude that was grinning at me introduced himself as Alec Fox. I smiled, not just because a realy hot guy was talkin to me, but because it is time for my new beginning.

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Andrea (crazyniko) please do. I just got lucky with taylor lautner. But I forgot how to make one. Please do.

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