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Mika slipped out of his house, it was nearing midnight and he was going to go practice his bending in the peace of the night where no one could tease him for being unable to control it. He slipped along in the shadows until he made it just beyond their village, he looked around, making sure no one was near, then opened his earth bending scroll and began practicing.

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Jin didn't here the earth bender when he got out of town to start his training. he just started to fire bend moving fast, and and throwing fire balls left and right. He was good at fire bending, but he needed to get better, thats when the rock hit him.

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Mika's jaw dropped as a curse slipped his lips, he ran over to the boy he had hit with the rock to see if he was okay. "I'm sooooo sorry, are you okay?"

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[[hahahahahaha twist time, I'ma add it in my next post.:]]

"I'm fine," he said.

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((O__o Ima scared now))

"I'm really sorry, it's why I come out here at night, so I wouldn't do that... I'm really sorry.."

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((Haha he does that alot..))

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"It's fine," he said.

Just then four monks from an earth temple walked up to them, "Mika of the earth nation, Jin of the fire nation," they said, "We have been waiting for you two for a few hours now, we are here to tell you something," the leader said.

"Jin you are to travel with the avatar to teach him fire bending," the second one said, "And mika... you are the next avatar."

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((O__o WHAT??? o__O WOW!!!))

Mika's eyes widened, "W-what?" He looked at Jin, expecting this to be some kind of joke.

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Cathrine ((where can I jump in?))

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((any time really.. we're just outside a village in the earth nation))

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Cathrine ((ok))
Lee was wondering around the outter wall of the earth kingdom, "Man, this is so boring. I wish something would happen," she said to herself under her breath.

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Cathrine "Ow. not really what I had in mind." Lee said rubbing her head.

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments (( hey yall this is quit entertaining but did you know that the last air bender all that element stuff is based on real live history and events)) but it may seem a lil far fetced most ppl won'r say thr trueth they all keep it a secret so shhhh I am not suppost to say I don't think ^_^))
learn more here

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Shana wandered around the village. She wanted to mess with someone... It'd be fun.

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments ((Ok yall any questionz just let me know science totally backs it up plus about over 5000 years of chinese history stuff ok then I'll let yall get back t what it is iz yall are playin ^^_^^!))

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((I knew that, all of it is a religion based kinda thing...))

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((and Techno, please use parenthesis if it's not related to the RP))

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments ((so u know the sites and the vid they show about this stuff or real to so cool then well have fun rpin I sux at it I can never pretend about somin I take serious and well learn for very long time ^_^))

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((well I knew before, I didn't have to have vids and articles tell me.))

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments ((really then thatz I would hug ya if that waz allowed ^_^! most people are meanz and are baggin on the owners of the site and I a good friends with the so I back them up all the time ^^_))
here it is now will officiall let yall finish what yall got to do ^_^))

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Miko was walking out of the water when she heard voices from all directions, she sunk back in.. She now knew why she shouldnt go swiming with nothing on...

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Cathrine "Its all right, I should learn not to talk and walk at the same time." Lee said then giggled slightly.

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Miko being a water bender was good. She could stay under water for a looooong time.

"Seriously? Who comes out this late at night? No one really, I thought this would be the perfect time to swimming...but apparently I thought wrong" Miko said to her self

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(Kayla G wrote: "Miko being a water bender was good. She could stay under water for a looooong time.

"Seriously? Who comes out this late at night? No one really, I thought this would be the perfect time to swim..."

Miko created an air bubble around her mouth, and suck further in she sighed, thinking to herself, why did people have to come out tonight of all nights..

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Miko let the water knock the rock to the side and she whisper screamed "Dont throw anything but if you could get my clothing by the tree I'll tell you everything! Just dont throw anything!"

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Water seemed to rise when Miko's hand did and she pointed towards a tree to the left, "They should be under that one."

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((okay someone's gonna have to take the role of the... "avatar" because I'm leaving.. just remember the order of the circle))

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Cathrine Lee walked towards the center of the earth kingdom, trying to find a teacher.

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Water seemed to claps the clothing Miko pulled them on, at this point it didnt matter if they got wet she was used to it, she pulled herself out of the water.

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"I was bending." Miko looked over her shoulder at the water her fingers twitched and the water made small waves so they could touch her feet. She smiled to nothing in particular.

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Miko looked back at the girl and smiled she was feeling space-y tonight. "Uhh, yeah one minute, I live there so you know."

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Miko giggled she took two steps and jumped water came to make sure she stayed up she grabbed a branch and smiled "Then I guess here could work, I'm going this way if you wanna follow our cottage is right this way."

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Miko giggled softly she said "So what's you bend?"

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Miko chuckled a little and water seemed to play with her fingers "Your name I forgot to ask Mines miko if it makes you feel any better." Miko lead them to a small vined door in the wall.

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Miko smilled she renched the door open enough for both of them and then scalled a small rock wall, she then popped herself over and waited for Nicole to keep following.

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Katrina Kashi walked the city at night, her sharp gaze intesified from the moister in the air. She spotter a figure by the city wall, and wondered what someone could possibly be doing up this late. Then she laughed to herself as she mocked her own stupidity. She walked up to the figure, they hadn't noticed her yet. "What are you doing?" She said swiftly, trying to suprise the person.

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Miko turned not the least bit surprised she's heard the girl coming and seen her about when she'd come out. "Walking this way what does it look like I am doing?"

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Katrina Kashi stared at the girl and giggled a bit. "Look, i was just taking a nightly walk to practice my bending and saw you here."

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Miko grinned innocently "I guess its becoming a trend theses days." She shook her head whistefully, she seemed careless in that moment "What's your bend?"

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Miko turned her attention back to Nicole "Well the temple is a great place if you know where to go, or there's night time, but as I seem to be learning I wont be bending like I was for much longer..." She trailled off frowning.

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Katrina Kashi listened to the conversation very carefully, when finally she said, "Why wont you be bending for much longer?" I inquired with an interested tone. "I mean, theres no way to lose your bending skills unless you don't practice your chi, is there?"

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"She" Miko pointed with her thumb over her shoulder, continued "Found me nacked in the ocean, thats how I perfection my chi, and my mother defied me so yeah.."

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Katrina "Hm, thats an interesting situation you have there." Kashi said as she folded her arms in thought. ((my next one will be delayed a bit cuz i gotta switch comps >w>))

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((yeah I have till 4 ish because then I have to leave to take a flight lol))

Miko nodded, "I feel more apart of my element. More freedom, and its nice to just become one with your element."

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Katrina Kashi nodded, "That makes sense. Can't say i've never felt one with my element before..."Kashi trailed off in a wistful voice.

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"Well my mom is staying at the temple tonight and she's staying at the house with me do you want to come with us?" she looked up at the sky again and sighed "We can have tea or something."

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Katrina Kashi was pulled out of her wistful glance by your words and shrugged. "I don't have anything better to do." She folded her arms and waited patiently.

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Miko grinned and said "Well then this way I guess if you follow me I can show you the way, I have to get changed anyways."

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((Hey, could I jump in??))

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