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ok, just try and stay untill we get this role play off the ground

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Alright, I will. :)

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other: was forced to move to the earth kingdom because he was in love with the same girl as the fire prince.

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Ooo, cool. :)

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yeah give me a minute I have to juggle a few things, and go switch the landery so it will take a few for me to jump into the role play. feel free to jump in and start it if you want.

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thats what I thought I know bro dont even start Ima make one tomorrow though

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Alrighty. Take your time guys, I'm just bored, finished my studies for the day.

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nice its midnight err 1 am here so I'm going to bed soon lol

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ha it's 1 here too, but I don't have school so I'm not gonna go to bed.. well... that and I'm writing, in the middle of chapter 9 right now.

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niice yeah see for I no school yet buut I leave in 3 days..

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it's two here. and I am tired as hell, but I have to wait for my room mates and fiancee to get home from work so I can cook diner and then take a shower and then go to bed, and I might not get to bed untill like five.

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awww, I'm sorry. Hope you can sleep.. I'm an insomniac so if I get only 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night I'm kinda just okay with it.

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I don't sleep thats the thing I lay in bed for hours, and maybe get an hour or two, and then get up.

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I was insomniac but I tire myself to the point where I cant walk anymore.. I seriously ran for two hours today.. before getting back on here..

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gee.. so you guys understand at least.. my family just thinks I don't want to sleep.

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yeah dont worry about it its a parent thing.. but insomnia is a b!tch sorry about that Chris dont hurt me!

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I don't give a damn if you swear here. and funny thing is my mom gets it, because the same thing happens to her.

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aaah well okai he aint gonna shoot me :P and my mom doesnt the woman can sleep normally but my dad gets it. its nice.

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Name: Shana
Age: 17
Nation: She lives in the earth kingdom, but is a fire-bender.

Personality: Fierce, yet fun and bubbly. Free-spirited. Just don't get on her bad side...
other: n/a

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coolio, and sorry I fell asleep.

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name: Miko
age: 17
nation:She's a water bender, but she lives in the earth nation
looks: (I'm debating..)
other: You'll find out her personality if you rp :P

okai so on to the true others: Miko Moved to the earth nation with her father and mother when she was just a toddler, she has a little sister coming but not from the same man.. her father died tried to get them to the earth nation. Her mother also being a water bender, has banned her daughter from bending. Now it leaves Miko no choice but to bend in the secret of night. She's a powerful bender, her mother being a high priestess, she had already learnt the way of bending. Now she must teach herself control.

Miko tends to stay at the earth temple more often then not because her mother A: is there for full days. or B: Because she has nothing to do and her mother tells her to go do something.. She sits by the wall and plays with the water.

Miko is not your usual bender, Black hair, pale skin, crimson red eyes. She's as graceful as a swan and she as swift as a (snake I think..). (I'll add more if I feel the need)

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Cathrine name: Lee
age: 17
nation: unknown
looks: (red hair instead of black)
other: when she was born her parents abandoned her in the forest, so she has no idea where she's from. She heard abount the air bender, and believed that he could help, but she didn't know who he was. So she trained with different benders from every nation to try and find him.

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments hey yall did you know there are several websites that are dedicate to the real bending which has been proven for real trueth fu just not as authentic as the cartoon ^_^

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nice Mark

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments yup hey alex in other chat hahah swimmn in the nude awwww hahaha you naughty naughty lil gurl ^_^!

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you know it baby :P so hows it been sugar

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments aw been ok sweet thang howz life being super gorgious ^_^

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pretteh good :P heehee thinking of packing up the schedule for the year :P fixing my style you know the works

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments awsome red hair still preshus ^^_ ?

cool come to my grou some time you can learn some awsome stuff you never knew existed and that ppl can do ;P if your smart enough well hopefully that should be right up your aly ^_^!

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ooh give me a link sexy thing and yes my top half is all red and the bottom is a sexy kinda black chocolate perfect combo :P

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments wow u give a whole new meaning to the word awosme ^_^

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments
group and the site is in the description it is www.elementrath.webs tell those ppl there that moonlight sent ya aka mark= muhahahahaha ^_^
ok hot stuff shake a leg ^^_

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nice and how do I give a new meaning to awesome boy

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments idk but gtg now ok bye ^%_^!

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okai lol later mark

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Name: Mel
Age: 15
Gender: FM
Personality: loud, rough, tomboy, feisty, love to fight and enjoys a change, or a good challenge.
Nation:Earth- is an earth bender
Appearance: Long black hair always tied back. Slim yet muscular, fit and in shape.

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments cool ^_^ wonderful apperance ^_^ erin ^^!^^

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:D Thankya. ^-^ lol

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sexy lol

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aah even better lol

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yes lol but I dont where chris went *shakes head*

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techno (cyborg) | 27 comments Konechewa sista alex! ;P!

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haha he could sense her chi in the area and wander close to her house

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Brian | 1 comments name: Wyrd Dragon
age: 25
nation: underground airbender, see other
other: Wyrd went into hiding over a century ago secretly teaching airbenders, and with the return of the avatar is ready to leave hiding

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