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Wingstar Name: Sonicboom (idk?!?!!?!?)

Gender: female

Clan: Thunder

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__c...
Personality: Very sweet and kind. Loves to help when ever she can, she has a history of almost being killed to help others more than once. She can have an attitude but will never leave someone in need. Sitting still for her is not something she even considers even though most tell her to stop moving you paws and start using your mind. She has a sense of humor, but sometimes people dont get it.

History: She has a scar on one paw from falling into the gorge as a 'paw trying to save another 'paw that was her friend. She just turned into a warrior about 1 moon ago. She survived a leaf-bare when almost no prey was left in the entire forest. She is very skilled at the art of climbing a tree, somehow managing to catch squirrels often.

Kin: open

Crush: open

Mate: open

Mentor: (apprentice needed) open

Other: She is very courageous and took on a fox after being a 3 moon old apprentice (was ahead on her training)on her patrol to save her friend.

message 2: by Jennifer, came to the conclusion that Cinta is a fighter-jetting cannibal (new)

Jennifer | 466 comments Mod
*raises hand* Um Jazz, is the thing where she put under "Other" like have special powers? And being through 2 dogs, a badger, 3 foxes, and a really bad leaf-bare TOO "Special-like"?

message 3: by Wingstar (new)

Wingstar happy??

message 4: by Jennifer, came to the conclusion that Cinta is a fighter-jetting cannibal (new)

Jennifer | 466 comments Mod
Jazz writes under Rules:
9. Under no circumstances may your cats have powers. It's bad enough reading about Jayfeather and Lionblaze, and is one of the worst plotlines ever if you ask me. Too much drama. I just don't wanna go there.
10. Your characters may not be perfect, either. Everyone has their weakness' and nobody is drop-dead gorgeous, the most intelligent ect. I get sick of people tlaking about how their character is so great ect. Perfect characters will be, most likely, not accepted

message 5: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy I'm sorry, but she cannot be able to somehow talk with StarClan. That is too much like cats having their own powers. Also, managing to fight her way through so many things when, from what I'm gathering, she must've only been an apprentice is too extreme.

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Wingstar o, ok. sorry, i forget half the things that i read/do after about 1 hour.

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Wingstar is that better? sorry, i was watching on how to play the Green Hill Zone on the piano. its really cool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U3j9b... (vid on how to play it)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFHvxu... (actual song)

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SpazzyJazzy Accepted

message 9: by Wingstar (new)

Wingstar yaaaay!!

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