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What's Under My Bed?
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Natalie Pietro | 6 comments Please help....This had been driving me nuts for a while. When I was little about 6-7 years old I would venture to my local library and check this beautifully written children’s picture book out. Even to this day I can remember where in the library this book is located but sadly it no longer resides there. So I need your help.
I really don't have much information. I read it back in first grade. That would be around '89 - '90. Somewhere around then. It was a picture book written like a comic book/graphic novel. The copy I read was hardcover. It was a story about a grandfather telling his young grandsons or granddaughter I can't remember but I do remember there was two young kids, stories about his past. Stories he would elaborate on to make them sounds more adventures and mysterious. I remember a part when the young kids snuck out of bed to check on the grandfather to see if a story was true. The picture was the young kids walking past the window and I remember the shadow of the light coming in through the window. It felt real. I really wish I could think of more. I don’t know an author or even a title. I’m sorry I can't think of more.
I will try my best to think of more to help but in the mean time let me know if you should have any ideas. Maybe your comments will help rack my brain.

Emily | 136 comments Oh, I'm so excited because I know this! Or at least the author anyway. It's James Stevenson, a prolific author/illustrator. Your book sound like one from his Grandpa, Mary Ann and Louie series. These are charming and funny stories about a grandfather spinning improbable yarns from his youth, done in a graphic novel style (long before this was fashionable)

Here's a list that of them that I've pasted from Wikipedia:

1. Could Be Worse! (1977)
2. That Terrible Halloween Night (1980)
3. We Can't Sleep (1982)
4. The Great Big Especially Beautiful Easter Egg (1983)
5. Grandpa's Great City Tour: An Alphabet Book (1983)
6. What's Under My Bed? (1983)
7. Worse Than Willy (1984)
8. That Dreadful Day (1985)
9. There's Nothing to Do (1986)
10. No Friends (1986)
11. Will You Please Feed Our Cat? (1987)
12. We Hate Rain! (1988)
13. Grandpa's Too-Good Garden (1989)
14. Brrr (1991)
15. That's Exactly the Way It Wasn't (1991)

Natalie Pietro | 6 comments Emily I am so excited you solved my mystery of the unknown book. It so made my day waking up to your email telling me you're brillant and knew what I was talking about. I was scard no one would understand and my unknown book would go on forever being unknown. After looking throught your great list of books I found the one I was talking about. "What's Under My Bed". After seeing the book cover with the little boy on the bed with the mustache I knew I have found the right book.
Thank you so much for your help. I cant wait to run out and get these books so my Neice and Godson can read these books. They are a wonderful book to add to any collect.
Thank you again for all your help.
And @ Vicki_girl thank you for your suggestion. No it was not that book but it does look like a good read. Maybe I will check that one out too. Thanks again everyone. You really made my day.

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Emily | 136 comments You're very welcome Natalie! And I'm glad that among that long list you were able to spot the specific one, What's Under My Bed.

I've been reading these books to my son (7) as I find them and he loves them, but finds the mustaches on the little boys a little weird! I guess the idea is meant to be that the grandkids can't imagine their grandfather without one. Happy reading!

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