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Name: Jasmine
Age: 14
Sex: female
Homeless/volunteer/other: runaway
Looks: emo girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: shy, scared of most people
History: Her father sexually abused her and her mother helped him and her brother died so she ran away.

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Name: Valentine
Age: 20
Sex: m
Homeless/volunteer/other: volunteer
Looks: dark black hair, crystal blue eyes, pale, about 6'2, slightly muscular
Personality: tba in rp
History: he was a runnaway when he was 14 so he wanted to help out, knowing the hell they go through

Name: Eli
Age: 16
Sex: m
Homeless/volunteer/other: runnaway / escaped
Looks: lightly spiked blonde hair, auburn eyes, tan, about 5'10, slim
Personality: tba in rp
History: his parents, both drug addicts, placed him in a teenage detention center/scientific testing hospital. He hated the way they tortured him and got out with another girl but she went back because she was scared

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Name: Erin
Age: 13
Sex: F
Homeless/volunteer/other: runaway
Looks: http://m76.photobucket.com/image/erin...
Personality: TBA
History: She was going to a strict boarding school that she hated. Her parents didn't take good care of her so they shipped her there. The teachers hated her and almost everyone was a bully. So she ran away.

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Daisy Name: Trinity (Trin)
Age: 25
Homeless/volunteer/other: vouleenter
Looks: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
History: She used to live in the homeless shelter every other weeked when her dad got her.

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Eli or valintine and Jasmine???? peas

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mmm I am refering to crushes...

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You pick. Both are good.

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k and k

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;;BaileyGray♥ Name: Shay
Age: 15
Sex: Female

[image error]

Personality: Sarcastic, Out-Going, Flirty
History: She stays upbeat when she is around everyone else. Nobody actually knows what happened to her.

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Name: Vienna
Age: 17
Sex: F
Homeless/volunteer/other: Runaway
Looks: description
Personality: smart, nice, caring, sweet, but has started to be able to be rude when neccesary and stand up for herslef
History: She is three months pregnant, her boyfriend that knocked her up told her tuff luck. Her parents tried to force her to get an abortion but she took off instead of going to the appointment.

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Name: Rylan
Age: 17
Sex: M
Homeless/volunteer/other: homeless
Looks: description
Personality: Nice enough guy, a bit rude though, doesnt talk much
History: Has been on the street as long as he can remember, his dad kicked his mom and him out when he was five, his mother raised him for ten years then died. All Rylan knows is the street life.

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Can I steal him as a crush if I make a charie or is he taken?

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no he's open

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YAY< I make a crush!

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Name: Lilly
Age: 17
Sex: female
Homeless/volunteer/other: homeless
Looks: [image error]
Personality: shy, nice
History: she was raised by her brother, he died, drug over does.

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;;BaileyGray♥ ♥Zayy♪☻ wrote: "Name: Sam
Age: 16
Sex: m
Homeless/volunteer/other: runaway
Personality: cool, funny, caring
History: He ran away with Kyler and Jaden"

cutee ;]

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) *tear* my charrie's 13 and these guys are all older...

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