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The Guys review Timothy Zahn's Star Wars novel, Outbound Flight.

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GuysCanRead | 24 comments Mod
This week the Guys hitch a ride to a galaxy far far away as they review Timithy Zahn's, Outbound Flight.

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Michael (bigorangemichael) | 10 comments A bit behind on the podcasts, but I'm catching up.

Listening to this episode, I agreed with a lot of what you guys said about tie-in fiction. Some of it is great, some of it is not so great. Honestly, I gave up on the Star Wars tie in novels because they're so heavily dependent on each other for the continuity that I can't follow them anymore. I loved the Zahn trilogy that started the fiction universe, but since the new trilogy, all the books have felt like they're all too dependent on having read EVERY SINGLE book in the series to follow them.

Add to it that I don't have an investment in some of the characters. I understand that by having on-screen characters in the books, we ruin part of the dramatic impact because we know Luke, etc. can't or won't die. But then you create new characters who I don't like or don't want to read about...or who are canon fodder for the late chapters of the novel or series. It's a turn-off and I lose interest.

Of course, it can be a double-edged sword. The Star Wars zombie novel lost me halfway through when two major original trilogy characters show up...because it ruined the dramatic movement of the novel.

I think tie-in novels can be a good palatte cleanser or a mental vacation. I enjoy many of them--esp. Trek novels.

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