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message 1: by Beka (new)

Beka (bekal) | 15 comments Mod
What are your favorite movie adaptations of books? Do they live up to the book? What are your least favorite adaptations? Why?

message 2: by Angie (new)

Angie | 9 comments Oh Beka ! You and those " favorites " of yours !
My favorite is probably "Roots" by Alex Haley - I loved both the book and the movie . I think the movie was pretty much spot on and probably a little easier to follow with all the characters . My least favorite has to be Stephen King's " Misery " . I read the book first , of course , because I always do ;-) and I loved it . The movie for me was just ALL WRONG . So many details were left out or just wrong !
I guess maybe I shouldn't be too hard on you - I just remembered I have read these and will add them to my " read " bookshelf ! Thanks for the reminder ;-)

message 3: by Angie (new)

Angie | 9 comments P.S. Beka ? I just thought of another book / movie adaptation ....
What do you think about Stephen King's " It" ? Maybe I should watch that one as soon as I finish ...well IF I ever finish the book !

message 4: by Beka (new)

Beka (bekal) | 15 comments Mod
I love favorites! They are my favorite! ;) As for It, Tim Curry is on really creepy clown. I'll take him as a butler in Clue any day over that clown!

message 5: by Beka (new)

Beka (bekal) | 15 comments Mod
Movie adaptations I like:
Howl's Moving Castle--hands down, my favorite. It is completely different from the book, but I looooove it anyway!
The Prestige--again, different, but in a good way. Both the book and the movie are fabulous!
Lord of the Rings-- probably the only time I like movies more than the books! Tolkien has great ideas, but he is longwinded!
My Sister's Keeper-- the book was so-so, but the movie wasn't too bad. Abigail Breslin helps!
Interview with the Vampire--awesome adaptation. Very true to the book.

Movie Adapatations I don't like:
The Time Traveller's Wife--not that it was bad, but I didn't like Eric Bana, and it kind of ruined it for me.
Queen of the Damned--it was bad. Stuart Townsend is a great Lestat, as long as he doesn't speak! The books were so much better.

Hmm....so many! More later!

message 6: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Lewis (grandmal) | 2 comments Beka, I just saw "THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE" last week. I wasn't too impressed with the movie. Please tell me the book was better..any other suggestions? What is "MOVING CASTLE"? I've never heard of it. Thanks for any ideas. Kathy

message 7: by Beka (new)

Beka (bekal) | 15 comments Mod
Kathy, I like the book The Time Traveller's Wife so much better than the movie. But, that seems to be uncommon. Most people like the movie better. The book jumps around a lot, and people didn't like that. I didn't hate the movie, I just don't think it did the book justice. I have read all of Audrey Niffenegger's other books too, and I absolutely love the way she writes.

Howl's Moving Castle is a book by Diana Wynne Jones. It is a young adult fantasy book, but it is just so charming I can't help but absolutely love it. The movie was done by Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki through Disney's Studio Gibli. It is animated, but it is actually hand-drawn rather than computer animated like most cartoons are now. They all move at a slower pace, and are missing all the dumb jokes that seem to be in all the kids' movies now. His films are all stunning, both visually and storyline wise.

message 8: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Lewis (grandmal) | 2 comments thanks Beka. I'll read "The Time Traveler's Wife" and let you know. Also, I am enjoying all the YA books we talked about when I was still working with you. I'll have my Jill look for those books you mentioned. and that one movie..;)

message 9: by Beka (new)

Beka (bekal) | 15 comments Mod
Anybody both read and see The Help? I LOVED it!

message 10: by Angie (new)

Angie | 9 comments Me , Me , Me and I loved them both ;-)

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