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message 1: by Yuri (new)

Yuri (I_Support_Gay_Marriage) | 13 comments Mod
((Rp here))

message 2: by Yuri (new)

Yuri (I_Support_Gay_Marriage) | 13 comments Mod
Sakura walked down the street.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Genevieve walked around

message 4: by -FROZEN- (new)

-FROZEN- (Otaku4Life) Maura walked out of her brother's apartment.

Train walked home from his job.

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 2 comments Ashley was changing out of her school uniform into black skinny's and a t-shirt. She looked in the mirror and examined her outfit.

Damon was at work about to get off. He was the manager at a local grocrey store. He made decent money to take care of both him and his little sister.

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