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Nymronyn (vampiregirl1516) | 12892 comments Make Charries here with:
God Parent
Camper or Non
{{Demigods powers stem from there parent}}

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Nymronyn (vampiregirl1516) | 12892 comments Name: Clare
Age: 14
Appearance: description
God Parent: Poseidon
Other: Temperamental, generally wary of people she doesn't know but nice once she gets to know someone, but if she gets to know you and doesn't like you is willing to make your life a living h***. Love being around water and horse and anything created by her father. Would rather blast her music and read a book than be with people most of the time.

message 3: by Cielo (last edited Sep 29, 2010 04:32PM) (new)

Cielo (cielo19) Name: Pegasisyly
Age: 15
God Parent: Athena
Camper or Non: camper
Other: She's nice at first, but she will fight if you mess with her. She loves math, and has a twin brother named Maldric.

Name: Maldric
Age: 15
God Parent: Athena
Camper or Non: Camper
Other: He's a lot like his sister, but instead of being nice when you first meet him, he'd rather mean. He also has red tips to his hair.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Avery
Age: 17
God Parent: Zeus
Camper or Non: Camper
Other: Can control lightning and can teleport. Her sword is made of steel and celestial bronze. When not in use it is a silver graduation ring with a sapphire stone in the middle.

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