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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin  (ksprink) | 11469 comments ok, i love words. i use a ton of them everyday (most say too many). what i really like is droppin' new/cool/relevant lingo. here is where i am asking you to pass on fun words we can incorporate into our conversations. doesn't have to be new and can be a word you use that is made up. i've seen some used on here that i have nicked for my own use. please don't just go on Urban Dictionary and cut and paste. that would be lame ***. add words that either you use or have heard someone use. then give what you consider to be a definition of it. nothing is wrong or right. just fun.

i'll start with a couple:

dougie - swagga
janky - jacked up / junky / cheap

message 2: by Dr. Detroit (last edited Aug 24, 2010 08:51AM) (new)

Dr. Detroit | 6019 comments Bringing one up from the basement = clearing your throat of phlegm

Spewing barnacles = vomiting

message 3: by Carol (new)

Carol | 1679 comments Thank you Kevin! I'll be using janky now, we've been stuck with chimey for years. I can't use dougie though, we still call my nephew that even though he's pushing 30. I am the overuser of awesome so I doubt I have something to add.

message 4: by Brittomart (new)

Brittomart Janky? Oh god.

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