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Warhost of Vastmark (Wars of Light & Shadow, #3)
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Wars of Light and Shadow > Warhost of Vastmark: Warhost put in perspective - series spoilers! Beware!

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Janny (jannywurts) | 414 comments For the speed readers among you (others who are just reading the series up to Warhost, DO NOT READ FURTHER IN THIS THREAD IT WILL CONTAIN SERIES SPOILERS!!!

How has your perspective CHANGED with regard to the events in this volume, seen from the vantage of, say, having finished Peril's Gate?

PLEASE - head your post with how far you've read, mark it SPOILER!!! up to that point, and give a few lines of white space before continuing. And do remove the check to take your comment out of the update feed.

Readers of this thread - mind what entries you look at, based on where you are.

Amelia (narknon) | 523 comments <<>>

I'm 165 pages into Traitor's Knot. So I can't say how that one has changed my perspective yet, but I did get some insights from Peril's Gate.

The maze of Kewar was one very enlightening experience. Not only about the events in Warhost but for Arithon's whole life. I must say after that experience that Elaira really is going to understand him so much more than anyone else possibly could. I haven't seen Elaira's perpective yet, so I don't know how she has reacted to that experinence, but I can only imagine that it has strengthened the bond between the two of them.

Back to Warhost. One of the things that really stuck out in my mind was how much more the curse's influece was prevalent in all of the events Arithon had participated in. I think one of the worst realizations for me is that even though Arithon has been fighting the curse, he's still been deeply influenced by it. Every little choice he's made has been veiled by the curse so he makes choices that may not be quite as dramatic as those Lysaer has made, but they've still created a much greater impact than I would have suspected. It was really mind boggling that Arithon could have made the catastrophe at Warhost much smaller, but the curse led him to believe that was his only alternative. That curse is extremely powerful, especially since it can repress memories, cut off possible paths in scrying and influence the very core of one's being.

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