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LynnB Lots of drama here. The theme of this section might be forgiveness. Both with Kitty and Levin, and with the triangle of Anna/Karenina/Vronsky.


In the first of these chapters Levin proposes to Kitty again, and she accepts this time. Levin is overjoyed and in a fog of love...almost to a level that seems absurd. Her parents approve of the match. Levin determines to show Kitty his journals, which tell her that he is agnostic (she barely notices that) and has had other women. Kitty is very upset but she forgives him.

Karenin receives a telegram announcing that Anna is extremely ill and runs off to see her. He learns that she has given birth to a baby girl, and that she is suffering from puerperal fever, which is usually fatal. Vronsky is also there with her. Anna is sure she is dying, so she begs Karenin for forgiveness, and she asks Karenin to forgive Vronsky.

Feeling disgraced, humiliated and guilty, Vronsky shoots himself in the chest. The doctors are sent for immediately.

I know we are stopping here because we are reading only 6 chapters a week, but this is a cliff-hanger. Or at least it would be, but I find myself really impatient with these people and their soap opera lives. I had thought, from what I had heard about this book, that Anna dies differently, but I guess that will resolve itself in future chapters!

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Jen (jeninseattle) | 140 comments It is definitely a soap opera. And you're right, there is a lot of drama here, and Anna, at least in my opinion is the queen drama monger.

I realize that she is on her death bed here and begging for forgiveness, but I don't think that she is actually feeling any remorse. And Vronsky, please...shooting yourself? Because he feels disgraced and guilty, not because he truly is remorseful. I think Anna and Vronsky definitely deserve each other.

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LynnB Jen wrote: "...I think Anna and Vronsky definitely deserve each other. "

No kidding!

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