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Brielle was outside, sitting on a swing, crafting an orb of fire.

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Brielle tapped her foot as she hummed and crafted.

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((it's okay if your can't. I'm a *won't say it cuz i'm family friendly* ))

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((Erk, sorry about that.))

Brielle sighed, letting the fire disappear.

((She's sort of outside Dan's house btw.))

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Brielle didn't look up from crafting.

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((GUH Internet's on the blink! Might be some pauses between my posts.))

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Brielle looked up, not seeing Dan at first. Then she saw her, and smiled at her, quickly making the water orb vanish.

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Brielle looked away, and swung on the swing slightly.

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((What to do... what to do...))

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((mneh = whatever.))

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((my language.))

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((sorta. Can we just roleplay?))

Brielle stood up, and softly walked away.

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