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Posthums | 6 comments Mod
Ok, i started this group half a yr ago... What does everyone think of Mission of Honor?

message 2: by Nashoa (last edited Apr 08, 2011 10:13PM) (new)

Nashoa | 2 comments Late since last post but....

It was ok, no where near as good as At All Costs, but average compared to the aggregate quality of the entire series.

My two significant complaints for it would it would be; One too much of what was going to happen was already known/implied from the two side series. This made the book have an almost rehashed feel for a good half of the book.

Second, and in many ways more important, is far to much of the book was cameo's to characters that had little to do with the story in Mission of Honor. Also on that vein there was a lot of descriptive elements that just ate up space and added to the page count. For example, Nimitz's signing did not need a half a page description of how he signed. Just that "he signed.."

I don't mind Weber's penchant for tedious descriptions, that is kinda his style, but I do think that he needs to get and editor to trim some of it down in a lot more for the past couple of books. I've recently reread some of the earlier books and its such an amazing difference between the latter books.

message 3: by Przemek (last edited Aug 19, 2011 06:58AM) (new)

Przemek (przemo_li) | 2 comments Get used to descriptive "content" or "page holder". You know publishers tend to thing more pages the better. Especially in established series.

I agree on petition for putting "supportive" side series, after main describe events. But I think that is also "publisher" wish, for us to buy "side" novels, to get news from Harrington front.

:) But I do not mind it. I do mind that next book will be released months and months in the future.
Do not like waiting ;)

PS As non native english person, I did not understood this "sign movement" description at all (I was listening to audio-book).

message 4: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 39 comments Do you understand what sign language is for deaf people? I'm sure you must; I'm sure it must be used in Poland. So, do you understand that they developed a special version of sign language for the treecats to use in order to communicate with humans?

I assume the description you're talking about was a passage where Weber describes in detail the movements that Nimitz uses in signing ("talking"). I wouldn't worry if you didn't follow it exactly, as long as you get the general idea of the cats communicating.

That kind of detail doesn't bother me nearly as much as the pages and pages of descriptions of ships and weaponry. But it's all part of the culture of space opera.

message 5: by Przemek (new)

Przemek (przemo_li) | 2 comments I know a little bit of Polis Sign Language (ps We have 2 sign languages in Poland :)

Any way my point was, that those descriptions may be difficult for someone who do not know human(treecat) anatomy in english. And I did not wanted to learn them. Any way I did not minded them, just did not understand them.
(However I do know that they may be of value for someone who did not had previous contact with American Sign Language).

message 6: by Bjoern (new)

Bjoern | 2 comments I don't see the major point with "MoH" in the technical descriptions or multitude of battle scenes but rather in the already mentioned overlapping with the two side series and therefore telling us nothing new for almost half of the book. when they're so deeply integrated maybe it was a bad idea to pull those two side strings out and give them their own playfield instead of keeping them as only two strings of actions inside the major novels, like let's say the stories of Alice Truman or the horrible duo Harkness/Tremaine... That would have meant no difference in the update speed as only the dividing into different novels would have been other than now, but it would have allowed a chronological narration rather than this jumping around in different series.

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