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make ur charrie!!!

Appearance: (this can also b a pic or link!)

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i wont...heres my charries

Name: Shana
Age: 15
Gender: F
Personality: strange and mysterious. no one really knows what goes on inside her head, as she is a disguised genius.
Appearance: long, spiky-tipped black hair. blue-green eyes (with an almost white coating to them) with a pale complexion. she is often seen with her thumbnail in her mouth, a nervous tic of hers.
Power: dreams the future (only power for now) and mind-reads (not yet, later). however, she cannot convey much of the information she gathers as she is mentally incompetent.
Background: Her parents died when she was young, her sister has raised her ever since. she loves her sister dearly, and her sister loves her back. In Shana's eyes, her sister is the foundation of her life.

Name: Laurel
Age: 18
Gender: F
Appearance: long, brown hair that is smoothly cut. light brown eyes. tanned skin (because she is constantly working)
Background: has worked ever since she was young, sometimes in horrible conditions, to raise her younger sister. She cares more about her sister than herself.
Personality: Very outgoing but she worries about every little thing. although, talking to her sister always puts a smile on her face.
Power: Can do large equations almost instantaneously. Like a super-genius.

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The shop door closed as a tiny bell rang: a sweet sound of freedom to Laurel's ears. 'Back home at last,' she thought, snatching her day's payment from the counter. With a shouted farewell, she turned the sign that hung in the door window to the side that was labeled "closed".
"Thanks for your help today," he colleague whispered, just loud enough for Laurel's sharp ears to catch it.
"You're welcome," she whispered back, knowing that her friend wouldn't hear it. But the simple sound of those words comforted her, perhaps because those were the words she wished her sister would whisper to her.
That would be the day when those words were said in Shana's high-pitched voice.

The ticking wouldn't stop.
Shana slammed her head against the wall, sinking to the floor with her hands flat against the side of her head. 'STOP!' she screamed in her mind, looking helplessly toward the front door. Running wouldn't help, and she knew that, so she simply closed her eyes and tried to forget. She tried to forget everything with one of the songs that always worked:

I saw your face one day,
But I thought you were in my way.
I glanced away and tried to pretend,
That maybe I could actually defend,
Your icy little eyes,
That could never tell a single lie.

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Name: Lorelei
Age: 18
Gender: F
Lorelei is extremely independent. She tries to reject any help offered unless she actually needs it.
She is also very protective over her younger sister. If anyone comes near Victoria that she doesn't know, she always is near.
At 4 years old, Lorelie's father became abusive when he found out his wfie was pregnant and that the child was of another man. He would normally come home and avoid any talk with Lorelei or her mother.But that was on good days. Other days her father would take out his belt and start pounding on his own daughter.
When time came for Victoria to be born, her father was furious. A few months after having Victoria, her mother was murdered by her father.
Lorelei found her aunt and was taken in by her and, with Victoia, lived happily until she was 14 and Victoria was nine. Their aunt was taken away for theft and left them to an orphanage.
Now Lorelei supplies for them both.
Appearance: Lorelei has black, wavy hair and shoulder length and bright crimson eyes. She works at a flower shop, so she normally has a flower in her hair.
Power: She has control over nature in ways pertaining to its growth. Right now, she can simply make plants grow and cause uprooting of plants from the ground.

Name: Victoria
Age: 13
Gender: F
Personality: Victoria is quiet. She doesn't ever talk for reasons. She can make noises and knows sign-language. She is also very outgoing in ways and loves the outdoors as well. She has a special class in school.
Background: Same as Victoria. She was born deaf.
Appearance: She has bleach blonde hair like her mother did She has beautiful crimson eyes. The eyes are the only way you can tell she is sisteres with Lorelei.
Power: She can use echo-location. At the moment, she can do a rnage of about 2-3 miles. She doesn't have to scream, but just clap her hands to do so. This power leaves her deaf to normal range speech and not verbal.

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Lorelie tucked another daisy behind her ear beside the other one. She laughed as another bee wafted into the floral shop and buzzed around the yellow roses.
"Bye, Lori!"
"Bye, Jess." Lorelei waved as her co-worker ran out the door. Jessica has a three year old daughter. i have a thirteen year old sister.
The bee flew around her hair.
Lorelei shook her head, her small, wavy braid bouncing in the breeze. She put up her hand and a small daisy appeared in her hands.
The bee landed on the flower.
She put the flower in her cup of water and grabbed her purse. "Good bye, nature's gift," She waved to the bee. She walked out the door, heading home.

Victoria queened the king in her chess game. She'd one again...against herself. She sighed and looked outside at the rain. She clapped twice and tilted her head to the right. Nothing still.
She finally gave up and sat on the couch. She turned on the TV and put it on mute. The words flashed on the screen as captions. She smiled as she watched her favorite show: The Wizards.

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'Make it stop, sister...' Shana prayed to the blank ceiling. 'I can't take it. I can't make it...' "Sister..." she begged, just in time for the sound of a door opening to sound.
"Shana?" Laurel asked, dropping her purse onto a nearby table. "Are you here?"
'Sister...' Shana opened her mouth but couldn't say anything but mumble a few words that sounded like 'help me'.
"Shana?" Laurel asked again, peering around the corner into the kitchen. There she found Shana, slumped against the refrigerator. "Are you alright?" she asked calmly, not really panicking but kneeling next to her sister and taking her hand in her own.
'Sister...' Why couldn't she say that word? It was only two syallables, only six letters. How come she couldn't tell her sister that she loved her? How come she couldn't awknowledge her existence? She groaned and leaned into her sister's shoulder.
Laurel sat next to her sister on the cold vynil floor. "Shana...you know I love you, don't you?" She felt weird saying those words, but she wanted to hear her sister say it. She wanted to hear a 'thank you' come from her sister's lips.
'I'm sorry I can't tell you...' Shana whimpered as Laurel pulled her closer and gently stroked her black hair.

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Victoria clapped again, and this time recieved feedback. A small click. The door! The door to the flower shop. She tossed the remote aside and stumbled into the front room, knocking over her chess game.
Victoria smiled and pawed at the door, making small thumping sounds. She may be thirteen, but she was still Lori's little sister.
Lorelei clicked te he door open and was surprised to see Vicky standing there. Goodness, girl. You get more mobile everyday, She wanted to say, but mearly patted her sisters head. She was eighteen and five foot seven inches. Her sister was five foot one inch. She had the upper hand advantage.
Victoria simply smiled and looked up at Lori. She waved.
"Hi, Vicky." Lorelei waved back and walked inside. She placed a new vase of flowers on the table and removed a small blue flower. She walked back opver and tucked into Vicky's hair.
Victoria smiled and patted the flower like it was a dog.
Lorelei laughed and walked into the living room. The TV was on. She signed, 'Watching your show?'
Victoria nodded. She held up her hand and spelt out, 'D-I-N-N-E-R?"
Lorelei nodded and walked into the kitchen.

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Laurel sat with her sister on the cold floor for a moment before she abruptly stood, heading to the stove. She didn't know what to make for dinner, in fact, she usually brought Chinese take-out, but she ran her hand along the sleek edge of the stove and glared at the switches and buttons on the side just to do something. She couldn't stand the silence. It seemed like, at any given moment, the room could explode from the simple amount of sheer nothing-ness. "Shana," she whispered real low, almost as if she was only talking to herself. 'I want you to lead a good life. I want you to be happy, even if that means I'm not.' "What do you want for dinner?"

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Lorelei pulled some bread out of the pantry. She turned to Victoria. Signing the words for 'Baked toast for dinner', she nodded at the toaster.
Victoria nodded. My favorite!. She waddled back over to the couch and plopped down, her eyes suddenly glued to the TV.
Lorelei chuckled lightly for a moment and placed the toast in the toaster. "If only she could speak..." She sighed.

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'Nothing, really...' Shana sighed to herself, glancing solemnly toward the patterned floor. "I don't know," she whispered through her hazy thoughts. Because, if she took the initiative to struggle through the wall that shut her off from the world, she didn't want to offend her sister.
Laurel smiled at the simple fact her sister had said something to her. Becuase, to her, that action spoke louder than any words could. It was almost as if she was saying "thank you". "You're welcome," Laurel whispered and started to make dinner.

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Lorelei grabbed the toast as it popped and placed it on a paper plate. She slathered it in butter and pulled out a TV tray. Walking into the living room, she set the tray on the coffee table. She looekd at the transfixed Victoria.
Victoria broke her gaze from the TV and looked at ther sister. If only I could talk... She sighed and patted her leg.
Lorelei shook her head. "Not now. We don't have the time to care for it. Maybe..." She thought about this.
Victoria patted her leg again.
Lorelei nodded. "I'll think about it, okay?" She pointed to herself and signed, 'T-H-I-N-K'. A dog, huh? Vicky still wants a dog...

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Laurel set the plate on the floor next to Shana. Her eyes never left the steaming chicken and fresh green beans. She remembered when she first started her job at the pawn shop. She remembered when her best friend (besides Shana of course) told her she should be a chef one day.
"You cook better than anyone I know, Laurel. You should be a chef one day," she'd said.
"I have to look out for Shana," Laurel'd answered.
And that was the end of it. The answer to everything seemed to be 'I have to look out for Shana'. But did she really have to look after Shana?
Laurel shuttered and dismissed the thought from her mind, setting her back against the cool refrigerator and sliding down to the floor next to her sister. "I hope you like chicken," she whispered, frowning at the floor in front of her.
Shana stared at her food. 'Sister...I'm sorry I'm such a burden. You don't have to look out for me...' She turned to face her sister. "I do," she answered, trying to ignore the leprechaun that smiled back at her from a picture on the refrigerator. But when she blinked, it dissipated into a simple picture of Shana and Laurel on the beach.

Those blue eyes that looked so bright,
Those eyes that were my only light,
I love you, little sister.

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Lorelei sighed. Maybe we could try to get her a hearing aid dog and that would satisfy her. She continued to look into Victoria's eyes, but soon broke it with a shrug and a crunch of toast as it met her teeth. She turned to the TV and turned the TV channel to the News.
Vistoria shook her head. Why is she rejecting the idea? She gazed out the window, eating the toast.
Lorelei sighed and lifted her hand, signing, 'A-I-D'. She pointed to her ear and patted her leg.
Victoira nodded excitedly and clapped her hands in delight.

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Twenty thousand mornings like this,
The sun rises to kiss,
This beautiful little second,
My love to you beckons.

Shana gazed out of the window.
"Don't ignore me little girl. You know what's coming."
Shana didn't turn her head. Her lips never quavered; her stern eyes never faltered. She'd been withstanding his test for years. Why was today any different?
"Only six months left, little girl. You and I both know it."
She did know it. She'd been warned countless times before. She'd known for six years now that this day would come. But it was too soon. She was too young. She wasn't ready to lay down her life to save her sister from the imminent fire.
"Tell her, little girl. Tell her the truth."
"I've seen what will happen," she whispered to the man in the black robe behind her. The one that no one else could see. "Don't take me for a fool."
"Who said I did?"
Shana clenched her fists.

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Victoria sat up and rubbed her eyes. She shook her head and tilted it, searching for a sound. She clapped her hands.
She tilted her head again and clapped.
Bark, for sure this time.
She smiled brightly and headed down stairs, staring at Lorelei who was making coffee while babling on the phone.

Lorelei picked up the bagel bag. "Yes...yes...we'll be there ASAP."

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"Don't bull-!" Shana exclaimed before the door whipped open and Laurel stepped in with a shocked expression. And there, in those few seconds they gazed at each other, speaking unspoken words of truth, the man disappeared into the darkness. A darkness that followed Shana everywhere she went. The secret she held from her sister would tear her apart. She knew that. But she had to be strong; she had to persevere. This brilliant moment of truth would set the stage for thousands of more.
"Shana?" Laurel asked, sitting next to her sister on the bed. A "boing" echoed off the walls as the springs of the bed adjusted for Laurel's weight.
"Sorry," Shana whispered quickly, gazing at the wall. She had to protect her sister; she had to prove her worth to the world.
Laurel sighed and brushed Shana's hair behind her ear. "Don't apologize." She paused. "You know what? How about we go for a walk today? It's a beautiful day and summer IS beginning in just a week."
Shana nodded, turning to see herself in the mirror as Laurel left, two glazed eyes staring back at her.
And it was there, in that second of thoughtfulness amongst the life of chaos, that she tried to forget about the invisible weapon that would end her life.

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Name: Galrick (sounds like gallbladder lol)
Age: 25
Gender: M
Personality: wants to take revenge on the world, especially anyone with powers (BTW we need a name for these ppl). He is a little bit creepy and, if u get too close, he'll seduce you and before you know it you'll be working for him too.
Background: His parents were killed right before his eyes. He's honed his skills for years and now intends to take over the world, giving every child on earth a fate like his.
Appearance: black hair and dark brown eyes. Very lurky feel around him.
Power: Can read minds/control them if he needs to. however, he can only control one person at once and cant control them for long periods of time.

Name: Alora
Age: 19
Gender: F
Personality: nice and flirty until u get into the nitty gritty. In reality, she's a sadistic bi*** who is just out to kill everyone.
Appearance: red hair and dark brown eyes. pale complextion and very skinny so she can hop around a lot
Background: has been an orphan for as long as she can remember. At a young age, she used to stick together with Galrick so now she'd his right hand man. He claims to love her in a sinister way.
Power: can control fire.

Not really a bad guy but...
Name: Kalrik
Age: ??? (idk, he's been dead for awhile)
Gender: male? or what? (no one knows)
Appearance: think gangster gone emo. there you go. Black robe with gold trimmings. no flashy gold jewelry tho, lol.
Background: another mystery left unsolved ^-^ (but it's said that he is the angel of death and knows a thing or two about it)
Personality: sad, melancholy, and serious. he wont back down from a confrontation, altho for some reason he submits to Shana (maybe u'll find out later?...)
Power: none? he's just a ghost. can't really hurt anyone...until they're dead that is =)

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Name: Roshala
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearence: Roshala is very pale, but not vampire pale. She has rosey red cheeks and daisey blue eyes. She normally has red finger nails. She has spindly appendages and a small head. She has striahgt blonde hair.
Personality: Feindish, sly, and serious. Those words describe her at first sight. She can fake any emotion easily.
Background: She was a rich young one and unusually generous. This generosity led to greed and the ambition to help the poor. She figured that the poor were just as greedy so she became frantic and shut down. When opened back up, she was a new person and with a new drive: to destroy all those who do good.
Power: She can move things with telepathy.
Other: She and Rosa are sisters.

Name: Rosa
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearence: She is tan and has purple-hazel eyes. Her nickname as a kid was 'spirit dog' because she has one blue-ish hazel eye and one red-ish hazel eye. Her hair is curly and blonde.
Personality: She is jazzy and upbeat at afar, but feindish and manicacal up close.
Same as Roshala except she is slightly less evil and was always smirky and uptight.
Power: She has the power to shapeshift into animals that are real.

Name: Motzart
Age: 3 years
Gender: Male
[image error]
Motzart is very energetic and a good listener. He is easily agitated sometimes. He hates silent, far off noises. DO NOT scratch him under the chin or touch his tail.
He was born the runt to a champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He was considered usless and donated to a Sevice Dog Training Academy. He has been trained and is ready to be assigned.
Power: He has no real power, but can communicate through thought to Victoria.
Other: He is Victoria's HEARING AID dog.

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Laurel stared at the toaster's red coils. 'How much longer?' she thought, her eyes fixed on the hot tubes that warmed the bread inside. 'How much longer until I see the REAL Shana?'
The toaster finished but Laurel ignored it.
'I've waited for five years to see her come out of her shell...Why hasn't she?'
The toast laid motionless on the metal rungs.
'I've wanted to be able to talk to her and hear what she truly thinks. I've wanted to see her eyes light up when she discovers what life is truly about. I don't want her to live in limbo for her entire life...' She closed her eyes and stared down at the notebook in her hands. The notebook that no one but her knew about. 'I'm on the verge of something great...I know it.' She flipped through the filled pages that held thousands of words and equations. 'I'll save you, Shana. I'll get you out of that hell you've been sentenced to...'

Fifteen years of winter life,
When will I leave this strife?
I've wanted to say to you,
One word that means 'I love you',
But I can't say that word,
Forever I will be in a dark world.

"I'm on the verge of something great. I'll save you, Shana."
'Save me? From what? I'll save you sister. If only you knew...If only you knew the future that we will all face.' Shana closed her eyes and tried to erase the memory from her mind. The bodies that lie in pools of blood. And, in the middle of it all, her sister with empty eyes. She couldn't sit back and wait for this day to come.
"Six months, Shandalia."
"Why are you here again?" she whispered, not having to turn around to envision the black hood and gold trimmings.
"How much longer will you deny the truth? Someone needs to know, Shandalia. You have to tell someone who will never betray you what you've seen."
"And what? Have the burden fall on their shoulders instead? I'm a lot of things, but I'm not selfish." Her last words caught as tears came up her throat.
Swift steps suddenly sounded, his footsteps there, yet not. "Are you alright? Have you seen too much?"
Shana glared at him. It was a second before she spoke. "Remind me again why I'm talking to someone who doesn't exist?"
The man sat back, his face still shielded from the light. "I do exist, Shandalia."
"My name is Shana. Not Shandalia or whatever."
His head raised slightly and Shana could almost make out his features, but he lowered his head quickly. "Your name is Shandalia."
Shana stood quickly, sprinting to the doorway. "I told you to stay away. Why won't you listen?" She paused, her hand gripping the side of the doorway until the knuckles turned white. "Why do you have to keep haunting me?"
The man shook his head and sighed. "Six months can change people," he mumbled, disappearing into nothingness.
"Shana? Are you alright?" Laurel asked, a plate with eggs and toast in her hands.
Shana nodded and collapsed into her sister's arms.

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Lorelei eyed the toaster. Come on, ya stupid bagels. Pop!
Five seconds.
Lorelei caught the toast in mid-air with a plate under them. She thinly buttered them with a pump of the liquid butter in the bottle. She filled two glasses with milk and headed to the table.
Victoria stood there, wide-eyed. She patted her leg and looked up pleedingly.
Lorelei sighed, placing the trays on the table. She nodded a simple yes and headed to a chair, only to lift her glass of milk to her mouth.
Victoria sat down, a penatraiting, gleeful smile upon her. She tooka swig of her milk, licking off the milk mustache.
Lorelei stiffled a giggle and then straightened her posture. She wore a jean skirt and a brown shirt advertising her flower shop with a blooming daisy on the front and the logo for 'Wilma's Wildflowers...as dandy as our freshly picked danelions'. She yawned and bit into the toasted bagel. After quickly finish breakfast, she slid on her strappy white sandels with a quick buckle and grabbed her black leather purse.
Victoria swiftly gulped down her meal and followed Lorelei. She straightened out her I am hearing-impeared, here me roar! red shirt, from her fifth grade playgroup, and flattened out her knee-length kaki capris. She adjusted her red headband with the rose and skipped out the door with white sneakers on.
Lorelei started the car, waiting for Victoria.
Victoria snatched the bright red collar from her hook and ran to the car.

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Laurel sat by Shana's bedroom door, doing nothing but watching her sister eat in silence. 'I'll finish those equations soon. I've almost figured out what makes me different from everyone else.' She stopped thinking for a moment and bit her lip. 'I don't want to make her into someone like me. But I have no choice, right? It's the only way to save her.'
Shana gulped the last piece of toast down her throat.

I've seen the light in your eyes,
And I fear that I will see you die,
This isn't the end, I pray,
Forever, I want you to stay,
You protect me from the fiend,
Yet you'll never see me gleam.

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Lorelei pulled into the barking lot of a red brick building rambunctious with barking. She clapped her hands over her ears briefly before stepping out of the car and closing the door.
Victoria looked as though she were to burst with excitement. A dog! A real dog! She wanted to scream.
Lorelei stuck on head phone into her ear, playing her favorite song.
I see your face
I see your eyes
What you feel is no surprise.
It just depends on what you believe in.

She sighed and strutted down the rocky lane professionally.
Victoria followed, skipping as though she were still 7 years old.
Lorelei walked up and knocked on the door, putting her ear to it. "Hello?"
Victoria knocked harshly.
Lorelei stumbled back, but regained her balance as the large metal door shifted open, revealing a barn-like structure with many a door lining the inside.
"Please, come with me." The man gestured for them to walk to the admissions office.
Lorelei followed with Victoria close behind.

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Laurel took Shana's plate once she'd finished eating. 'Being like me is better at least. At least she has a future to look forward to instead of being trapped forever in a glass world that's always on the verge of breaking apart.' She stood, wobbling a bit as she did so and almost dropping the plate.
Shana watched her sister silently. She didn't have to read her mind or know her thoughts to know what her sister was thinking inside. She already knew that Laurel's thoughts were only about her. But, for some reason, she didn't want them to be about her. She wanted her sister to remember herself. "When you used to dream?" she asked aloud, the sentence making no sense but to herself.
Laurel froze when she heard Shana's words. "When you used to dream?" She swallowed the lump starting to form in her throat and ignored the question, continuing towards the kitchen.
Shana put her head to the wall, reading the thoughts of everyone around her, even though she didn't want to. It was like she was surfing through radio channels, only staying on one station long enough to hear a few words before she moved on to a whole new situation.

I've wanted you to dream,
Don't pretend and try to beam,
Don't brush aside reality.

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Lorelei trudged sleepily into the commissions office.
Victoria tugged at Lorelei's sleeve like an eager four-year-old, but with a serious face.
Lorelei jerked awake and yawned silently.
"Sleepy, are we know, Miss?" The owner asked unexpectedly.
"Yes, sir. Didn't get much sleep last night because I was tending to the garden," Lorelei lied, trying to sound as though her home was big and open, not small and enclosed with limited space.
Victoria jumped forward at the first-sight of the nearest dog. The dog, nonchalantly, kept walking without a care. Victoria looked confused, but kept on going. She looked at Victoria and made the hand gestures for, 'What is wrong with dog?'
Lorelei looked at the Owner. "She's wondering why that dog didn't pay attention to her."
The owner sighed, "Our dogs are specially trained to not react to other humans when or anything outside their work zone when...well...they are at work."
Lorelei explained with Signing.
Victoria nodded and kept walking.
The own stepped inside and whistled. Immediately, three young ladies with three dogs, a chihuahua, a spaniel, and a poodle mix, lined up in front of them.
Lorelei hesitated. "I'm Lorelei."
The owner's eyes widened. "Oh yes! Nevermind."
The ladies walked away.
"We have your dog ready for you." The owner kept walking.
Victoria and Lorelei followed.

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Laurel washed Shana's plate off in the sink, trying to forget Shana's earlier words. 'Is that what's best for her?' She sighed and rubbed her forehead with the backside of her hand. "Should I really do this?" she whispered to herself aloud, staring at the plate in her hands. "Or will it just make her worse?"
She accidentally dropped the plate, causing a loud sound to echo throughout the house.
Laurel snapped back to reality, finding a thankfully whole plate in front of her. 'I can't keep zoning like that...'

Shana bounced up when she heard the loud 'bang'. She wasn't sure if the sound had been real or if she'd just imagined it. Going downstairs to check, she crept through the hallway and down the staircase.
"Why can't mom and dad be here now?" Shana heard her sister whisper.

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"Now, Ms. Lorelei, we have our youngest, best trained Spaniel for you today. You can keep him for a week and try him out," The Owner, who has previously stated his name to be Brock, said happily.
Lorelei smiled and nodded at the comments.
Victoria just skipped down the hallway. She had no idea what they were saying, but didn't care.
Lorelei sighed and walked ito the room.
Victoria stepped into the room, beaming at the sight of the puppy.

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Shana ducked behind the wall of the staircase that hid her from view. "Why can't mom be here now?" That's what she'd said. But something about her words seemed strange, foreign. 'Why does all the responsibility have to fall on Sister's shoulders?' Shana stood, again inching her way to the edge of the wall. She'd never really been an eavesdropper, but now seemed different. Now, she HAD to hear Laurel's plan. She had to be sharp, focused. The less distracted she was, the smarter choices she would make.
And she knew, because she was the only one who knew the future, that she had to protect everyone. Therefore, she had to know their plans.
Laurel ran her hand through her hair, shifting her bangs so that they lay off to the side. 'Let's just go on a walk,' she told herself, unaware that her sister was just around the corner, in her mind. 'Then we can figure something out.' She gripped the counter until her knuckles turned white, tears threatening to burst from inside her. 'We can't keep this house forever. But I have to do my best to keep it. Shana can't live without a home. WE can't live without a home.' Laurel unraveled her fingers from around the edge of the counter and started towards the stairs, preparing to get Shana.
Shana bounded down the stairs in a hurry, trying to fool her sister.
Laurel was taken aback when Shana suddenly appeared. "Oh. Are you ready?"
Shana nodded, keeping her thoughts to herself which was selfish, considering she'd just invaded her sister's private mind.

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Lorelei looked at Brock and nodded in thanks. "Thank you for letting us get the dog. Bye!" She walked over and grabbed Victoria's hand before tugging ehr out the door.
Victoria, with the dog in her arms, slid into the car.
Lorelei started the car and drove away.

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Shana held her sister's hand, keeping her head down so that Laurel couldn't read her expression, couldn't know what she was thinking. Because, on that little trail in the woods, Shana was hatching a plan that could mean life or death. "To be, or not to be, that is the question." Shana sighed. What good would Shakespeare do her now?
Laurel gripped her sister's hand tighter, as if the connection would mean that Shana could never leave. As if it would mean they would keep their house forever, living in an undisturbed peace. She wanted that for her sister; she wanted that for HERSELF, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't delude herself and lose herself in a world of her imagination. She couldn't abandon Shana and try to pretend that everything would be okay, that everything would be alright. Because, if Laurel knew one thing for sure, it would be that everything indeed WOULDN'T be alright, not unless Laurel found a way to fix things, and fast. She tried not to think about the termination notice she recieved from the electric company the day before. "Ms. Laurel Wilkins, we regret to inform you that, due to your recurring late payments, we will be forced to terminate your service..." 'Good Lord,' Laurel thought to herself. 'I can never let that happen to Shana.' She made a mental note to head to the compnay's headquarters and beg, because that method always worked for her.
Shana lifted her eyes, just enough that she could see around herself in the secluded forest.

Birds whisper in the trees,
A song sung unto thee,
A brilliant symphony,
Brought forth from me to thee.

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Lorelei pulled up to the park. She glanced out the window of the car and sighed when she saw the other kids playing and swinging on the park equipment, unharmed by the natural disabilities that inhabit the children like her sister.
Victoria squealed at Mozart. She grabbed his leash tightly and let out a high-pitched giggle. She locked her arms tight around the puppy's neck and snuggled her face into his fur.
Lorelei glanced back and smiled. She opened her door and stepped out then opened Victoria's.
Victoria's smile widened, her eyes big and birght like the sun. She leapt from the car and ran toward the park.
Lorelei locked the car and walked after her sister.
Victoria found an empty swing and sat down. Mozart sat down next to her on the ground, obidient. A group of five kids swarmed Victoria, looking eagerly at Mozart. The same question buzzed in Victoria's ear and out the other, no sound eminating inside of her head. She ignored them all and started to swing. A kid reached forward to pet Mozart.
Lorelei caught up and put on Mozart's vest reading 'DOG AT WORK! DO NOT PET!'
The kid retreated his hand and trotted off. The other kids left but one stayed behind. "What's his name?" She was about fifteen.
Lorelei smiled. "Mozart. This is my sister, Victoria. She's deaf and he's her hearing aid dog. I can always translate to her if you want to speak to her."
The girl shook her head. "No, no. I just wanted to know. Thank you." She nodded curtly and walked off.
Lorelei poked Victoria and pointed to the trail.
Victoria nodded and got off the swing and trotte off with Mozart fast behind her.
Lorelei strutted after her sister, following her.
Victoria stopped, feeling followed. She clapped once.
She shrugged it off and kept walking.
Lorelei looekd at her sister quizzically. Clapping?

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The only sound that surrounded the shrouded shadows in the forest was the faint whisper of Alora's breathing and the soft, almost drum-like beat of Galrick's voice as it came through the speaker on Alora's cell phone.
"Are you keeping watch?" it asked, soft and low - the voice Alora would jump off the end of the earth for.
"Yes," she whispered softly, her cheeks turning slightly pink at the thoughts that'd just filled her mind. Sighing slightly, she let her eyes rest on two girls making their way through the forest. She caught the trademark spiky black hair and blue eyes that were slightly clouded over: the girl she'd been sent to watch for. "Um...Baby?"
"Yes?" the phone sang.
"I think I found 'em."

Laurel glanced up, suddenly alarmed. Something was wrong; the forest was quiet, TOO quiet. Her hand shot to Shana's arm, thrusting her sister behind her. 'Someone's watching us,' she thought to herself, thoughts that were heard by Shana as well. 'Who?'
Shana took in the darkness of the trees and the overgrown leaves that spilled from the undergrowth. Who WAS watching them? Shana didn't see anything. Then she caught it: a burst of red amongst green.

Red hair like fire,
An evil, brilliant desire,
Not one that good had inspired,
But one that crackled like the everlasting fire.

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Rosa glanced around the bushes and narrowed her eyes at an approaching family. Sisters....the deaf one? She realized the dog and thought right away that must be them. She held her phone to her ear and whispered to Roshala, "I've found them." She could almost hear the slight head-bob of her sister's nod.
"Very good." Roshala hissed in approval.
Rosa nodded and hung up. She called Alora. "I have an eye on the target."

Victoria stopped and clapped again, feeling followed once more.
More Steps.
She froze still and gulped. She turned to around and signed to her sister, 'Who's there?'
Lorelei looked at her sister quizzically. She looked around hearing a rustling. SHe stood in front of her sister. "Who's there?" She called.

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Alora fumbled in her pocket, snatching her phone out once again before the insistent buzzing gave her away.
"I have an eye on the target," it said.
Alora exhaled a breath she wasn't sure she'd been holding. "Obviously not the targets I do. I found the spiky-haired one Baby wanted. Which ones are your's?"

Laurel caught the light glistening off of two almost black eyes. "Get back Shana. Do you hear me?" She gulped. "RUN. NOW."
Shana took a hesitant step backward, tripping over some small pebbles. 'Run? Why? Why do we always need to run?' She took a glance into the thicket and shot her sister a look of disdain. How dare she back down? How were they supposed to live life when they couldn't face danger?
Shana fought back the feeling of her throat closing up and shot through the forest, following her sister's orders. "Run, Shana. Run."
Then she stopped, dead in her tracks, when she saw his face.

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"The deaf one," Rosa confirmed. "The younger scout." She looked around. "Strike." She hung up the phone without warning and crept forward.

Victoria stumbled forward and started running.
Mozart stopped and planted his feet firm.

Lorelei was already running and heading off, thinking her sister was following her. She looked back and noticed her.

Victoria fell forward, but was caught by a pair of hands and dragged off before being gagged.
Rosa pushed Victoria into the passenger seat and un-gagged her before pushing in the dog and shutting the door firmly. She got in the driver's seat and drove off.

Lorelei screamed in the instant that that happened. "VICTORIA!" She rushed forward but was too late for the truck had taken off. She dropped to her knees and shook her head. Why was I so foolish? She drew the outline of a flower in the sand and a daisy popped up. She plucked it and pushed it into her braid. She stood up and sighed. I will find you.

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"Strike?" 'Really? Come on Rosa...can't you think of better code than that on the spot? You're practically telling them our plan.' Alora growled at the pink electronic device and launched the phone at Laurel, watching as it shattered into thousands of components and Laurel hit the ground with a thud.

Shana was too stunned to utter a word. "What are you doing here?" she whispered, contempt obvious in her voice.
"Stopping you from doing what you're about to do."
Shana tried to push her way past him but Kalrik caught her arm. "Let go of me," she growled.
"I've seen quite a few things in my time, Shandalia. Don't make the mistake you're about to."
Shana ripped her wrist out of his grasp. "I'm fine, thank you very much."
He closed his eyes as if letting her go brought him pain and stepped aside. "I'll pray for your safety."

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Lorelei looekd around. She twisted her hand, anotherplant uprooting from the ground. She grabbed the sharpest vine and headed to the near-by comotion. I need to help...

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Laurel aroused from her artificially induced sleep and lifted her head from the ground, her face covered in tiny pebbles from the dirt beneath her. 'Shana...'

Shana rushed through the forest, following her sister's orders to the T, although they weren't exactly that specific. "Run, Shana. Run." She tried to steady her breathing, slowing her pace slightly to accommodate for the lack of air movement through her lungs. "Run," she whispered to herself in between pants. Then, quoting Serenity, she continued: "I'm a leaf on the wind, watch me soar."

Laurel jumped to her feet as if she was a wound up mouse that'd just been released. 'Shana. I have to find her.' Taking off into the opposite direction, praying she would find her sister, she passed Kalrik with a gust of wind, completely oblivious to his presence.

Kalrik sighed, walking in the direction Shana had fled. 'Never listens, does she?' He pursed his lips underneath his heavy black hood, debating his next move. He could try to save Shana, but what would she learn then? Sighing yet again for what felt like the thousandth time since he'd met Shana, he followed her tracks which she didn't hide very well. He chucked this up to her panicked state, but something told him she hadn't listened when he'd lectured her on hiding either.

Shana glanced ahead of her, halting immediately when she came face-to-face with the red-haired Alora. "Help you?" she asked quietly, timidly taking a few steps forward. "Run, Shana. Run."
Alora raised her head slightly, a quizzical look lurking its way across her features. 'She doesn't even know. WOW.' "Actually, you can Shana." She reached to the back of her belt where a dagger hung. "You can come with me." She slid the weapon from its sheath and positioned it so that it kissed her throat. "Or you can die."
Shana glared at the dagger, eyes going wide. "Who?" she asked shakily, remembering her sister's words. "Trust no one. They'll find out my secret, and they won't hesitate to use you against me. But I won't abandon you. I promise. No matter what."
Alora smirked. "Who am I?" She chuckled slightly under her breath. "I'm your worst nightmare."

Silver glints across the sky,
While in the deadly hand it lies,
Crafted to be beautiful and perfect,
All the while to be a fatal object,
Hilt the shade of sunlight,
Darkness the color of moonlight.

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Lorelei rushed through the forest. She twisted her hands sideways, vines and branches clearing from her path. She noticed nothing and tripped over a root, which was too hard for her to have moved. She tumbled into a forward roll and stopped next to Laurel. Stnading and heading at a dead run after Laurel, Lorelei called out, "I want to help!" She saw a bush come into veiw and thought about lunging it. She let her senses take over and twisted the bush out of the path. She slowed dpwn to match Laurel's pace and her eyes widened. What have I done? Have I revealed myself?

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Laurel paused when she heard Lorelei's call. Turning, she asked in a voice just above a whisper, "Who's there?"
When, finally, she caught sight of the windblown girl, she caught her from falling over. 'Who IS she?' "Whoa, there." Setting her down on her feet again, she repeated her mental question. "Who are you?"

Shana huffed as Alora dragged her toward the parking lot, digging her heels into the ground in hopes of delaying her departure.
"Stop, RESISTING," Alora grunted, hauling Shana behind her and traveling as fast as she can, which, with Shana's resistance, was a snail's pace.
Shana mumbled something through the duct tape that covered her lips.
Alora sighed and glanced deep into the forest, getting a feeling they were being followed.

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Rosa pulled over and took out her phone. She texted Alora, 'I GOT THE DEAF ONE.' She gased the car and headed toward the hideout.

Lorelei stood up and gulped. "I-I'm Lorelei. And you?" She asked. She stood up and looked at a nearby bush. She didn't care. Twisting her hand, the bush folded into a chair shape. She sat down to catch her breath. "There you have it. A paranormal. If you've never seen one, you have now. There's more like me. I'm sure of it."

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Laurel gazed at her incredulously. "What makes you so sure?" While her voice on the outside sounded firm, inside she was shocked. 'She just mutilated that bush!' But then it dawned on her, a horrible thought yet she still held onto it. 'She can get me the plants I need. The ones I need to save Shana.'

Shana continued to wrestle in Alora's grasp.
"I swear...if you don't stop wiggling, I'll kill you right now!" she hissed, shaking off the pain that Shana's kick to her shin had brought about.
Shana glared at her above the shiny duct tape. She then proceeded to mumble something that sounded like "bastard".
Alora's eyes widened. "Such strong words for a lady to use."
Shana groaned and flailed her hand out, snatching a tree and digging her nails into the thick bark.

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Lorelei shrugged. "My mother told me before she was killed." SHe stood up and dusted herself off. Flexing her hand, the bush bent back into place. She shifted her hand in a twist and a root sprouted from the ground until it reached eye level. She bent her hand back and the vine twisted over. She put her hand down and leaned against the root. "Believe me now?" She looked over at Laurel. "So, your name?"

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Laurel watched, shocked, as Lorelei showed off her talents. She, in no point in time, would ever be able to do anything that amazing. Well, unless saving your sister from a mental hell counts on the list of "Good Deeds of Laurel Wilkins". "Your mom just TOLD you?" Her eyes still held a look of disbelief.

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"Well...no exactly. I once was playing the garden, my favorite place, and the garden started sprouting out a billion different kinds of flowers and plants. My mom came out and simply shook her head and told me to come inside. I followed and she explained I had the powers of my grandmother as a paranormal and that, most of the time, every other generation experienced a paranormal child of some sort," Lorelei explained. She twisted her hand, the root straightening. She let her hand go limp and leaned up against the root, straightening up as she did so.

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Laurel bit her lip, because, even though she didn't want to believe them, Lorelei's words made sense. Standing straighter, she held out her hand. "Laurel Wilkins. Nice to meet you."

Shana flung her leg back, knocking Alora off-balance. As Alora let out a grunt of protest, Shana took off, clawing at the duct tape around her lips.

Help, help,
Hear my fearful yelps!
The sun has set, the sun hath set!
Never surrender, never forget!

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Lorelei shook Laurel's hand once. She stood up and pressed her hand down on the air. The root vanished back into the ground. A grim look came upon her face. "I saw you chasing after that other girl who was dragging off someone else. I wanted to help. That's why I came over here. What happened? I only want to know because I think I can still help."

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The thought of Shana sent a shock of fear through Laurel. It seemed, for the first time in her life, she had momentarily forgotten about her beloved sister. "She's..." She shook her head, not finding time to explain. "Just follow me!" She sprinted down the path toward where she suspected Shana to have been kidnapped to.

Hands grasped Shana from behind, dragging her back. "Foolish girl," Alora hissed, dropping her good-girl facade. "You're coming back with me whether you like it or not." At that, she bounded Shana's hands and feet with rope she'd suddenly produced from her seemingly infinitely large pockets.

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Lorelei followed and stopped dead in her tracks. "You're leading me back to where Victoria...." She bit her lip. I have to find her...

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Name: Isaiah
Age: 22
Gender: M
Personality: Sly and irritable, but firm in prices as a drug dealer should be. His eyes gives his true feelings away, he considers that a gift and a curse. Beneath his persistence to sell some, he is soft-hearted and cares about other's futures.
Background: Originally from a good family, he ended up living in the Hood with his cousin after a freak accident involving his powers and the death of his 8yr old brother. Between dealing marijuana, working at the local 7-11, and the occasional street fights; he is practicing on honing his powers.
Appearance: Muddy hair with long bangs. He hides his emerald eyes behind a pair of dark shades.
Power: Self-Detonation. He can let loose a explosion from anywhere on his body and recovers gradually with help from a minor regeneration ability. He tries to avoid detonating his whole self, since it takes about a month to regenerate, while a hand will take a day.

Name: Fredrick "Fred"
Age: 8
Gender: M
Personality: Dangerously curious for someone his age, it led him to his death. He adores his older brother, and pesters him every time he gets. He is ironically the bravest out of the siblings.
Background: Died by a accident involving his brother's unstable powers at the time, he now uses the powers he has to exist as a ghost to watch over his brother.
Appearance: A miniature Isaiah, his hair is extremely short.
Power: Astral Manipulation. Sad thing is, he only knew how to force ghosts on the plane of existence (not off) and how to sense them, along with spirits and demons, over only a couple of feet, before he died.

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Isaiah sighed, "Look, do you want the weed or not? I'll give you a Mid ounce for $100 or a Reg for $55. They'll both last you for a month or so."
The two boys looked at each other and whispered. Isaiah looked over his shades, he could see they were still in high school. Newbies, then, with the way things were going. He looked up at the sun. It was already noon, they would have to hurry it up if they wanted to get back to school in time without being suspicious. He took a joint out just as the boys handed him the $100.
He puffed smoke as he watched the grinning boys leave the forest. His throat burned as he swallowed the next puff, gathered his equipment, and left in the opposite direction. He made sure he set up close to a exit, just in case the cops showed up. Isaiah gritted his teeth, they came too close for comfort to where he usually sets up. He didn't want Joe to bust him out again if he gets arrested.
"Hey, Isaiah~? Why do you always have to rush afterwards? I wanted to go to the playground", Fred pouted.
Isaiah glanced at his transparent little brother. His heart swelled with guilt, just like every other time Fred speaks to him. When he first saw Fred again, he thought he went off his rocker. But apparently, it was Fred who did. Who would ever want to hang out with his/her murderer in the afterlife?
"Because, how about that?", Isaiah grumbled.
Fred gave a squawk of protest, "But that doesn't help at all!"
Isaiah laughed as he flicked his joint, but stopped when he saw two blurs in the distance.

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