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Tragity or nice awsome person who comes to help:

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Name: alex
Age: 16
Sex: female
Tragity or nice awsome person who comes to help: Tragity; her father raped her over and over, she ran away, but she was pregnant, had a kid, it died at dirth, lots of other stuff
Looks: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Personality: shy, quiet

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 73 comments Name:Rowan
Tragity or nice awesome person who comes to help:Tragity; Is physically abused and hated by many people and has scars all over him.
Looks: Brown hair with white eyes.
Personality: Suicidal; Hates living and tries to kill himself but doesn't have the will to do it. Scared, confused, and hurt.
Other:He's Emo but doesn't look like it.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 73 comments kk thx :)

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 73 comments ((are you basing this off of my name?))

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 73 comments ((and i have hazel eyes too! but i have brown hair with some blond but still did you base this off of me?))

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 73 comments OMG! why? by the way you spelled my name wrong it's an "s" instead of a "z"

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 73 comments are you a stalker or something? stalking my profile is so not cool dude!

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 73 comments good ok maybe we rp now?

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 73 comments yeah that'd be a good idea

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Name: Reah
Age: 16
Sex: F
Tragity: Brutally abused by boyfirend. She doesnt because he tells her not to, cuts herself because of him
Looks: description
Personality: Smart, alert, quiet, a bit rude. She used to be loud and fun and bubbly but her boyfirend changed that
Other: Doesnt hang out with any of her old friends, her parents cant tell anything is wrong and that kills her. Her sisters are 7 and 11 a bit to young to understand

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