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Giselle and Jason walked into school.

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Jax sat in the lunch room waiting for the bell to ring.

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The bell rang and Giselle jumped slightly not completely awake. Jason chuckled.

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Jax went to his home room, sitting in the very back

;;BaileyGray♥ Brookelle went to her home room, and sat beside the back window.

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Lia went and sat in the back corner seat, keeping her head down

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((isn't Jax a girl?))

Giselle ran to her home room sitting in the back with her hood up. Jason went to homeroom as well.

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((She is ooops)) he smiled at her

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;;BaileyGray♥ Brookelle looked around the room, from her corner window seat.

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((lol nice :P))

Giselle opened her note book and started doodling. Jason plugged in his head phones and started listening to his music.

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she payed attention

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Giselle heard jason's music and tapped him. He didn't pay attention he was to busy reading a book. She tugged his sweater sleeve. He looked up "what?" he mouthed "turn the music down" she mouthed back. He sighed doing so.

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she laughed

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Giselle smirked and looked a jax waving.

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Jax waved back

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She wrote on a little piece of paper hey there Im giselle :)

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She smiled and wrote back, Hi I am Jax

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nice to meet you wanna hang out at lunch?

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Se smiled and wrote, Totally, awesome

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She giggled softly alright where you wanna sit?

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she smield, I have no idea you wanna sit anywhere in particular

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nope doesn't matter what about you?

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She tapped her chin. what about....near the door the thrid table to the right?

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alright see you there if we don't have anymore classes together she quickly passed the note before the teacher could see.

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she got it and smiled at her ((g2g))

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((aww bye bye))

She smiled back and turned back to her dodling.

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Jax took some notes and then the bell rang and she went to her next class, calculas

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Giselle went to her next class Spanish. Jason went to calculas.

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Jax Almost fell asleep in class and then the teacher called on her and then she looked up and tried to answer but couldn't, her face went beet red

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Jason chuckled "she's here" he called for her.

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((you said she looked up but couldn't answer so he answered that she was here...wait now im a little confused))

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(( she couldn't anser the calc problem))

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((oh...i thought it was attendence my bad lol))

Jason raised his hand to answer it.

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She called on him and when he answered the teacher looked at her, "You better be glad he answered young lady!"

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Jason smirked slightly and looked at Jax "I would stay awake if I were you" he whispered.

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She smield back

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He smiled warmly and then went back to doing his work.

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she tried to pay attention

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Soon the bell rang and Jason walked to gym and Giselle walked to Art.

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Jax went to jornalism class

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((should we just skip to lunch?))

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(( ueah))

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Giselle and Jason sat down at the table She was supposed to meet jax at.

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Jax came and sat down at the table too

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Giselle smiled "hey jax this is my brother Jason"

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She smield, "Oh, yeah I saw him in calculas"

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