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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) | 66 comments Ayame walked around town, shopping

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Jaimeian went to the recording room out of instinct and sat on the bed in her daisy dukes and a tight green top with straps. She saw the light turn on on the camara and then heard her dad, "Do rutien number one." She looked at the camara seductively and licked her lips, she leaned forward on her hands and knees the squeezed her boobs and pushed they up at the camera. She threw off her top and played with her bra, biting at the straps, she overflowed because she was a DD and she was wearing a b. Her dad came on the speaker and told her to go straight to number 6 because he was going to have to hurry up. She tried not to roll her eyes and went over to the post on the bed, wich was a half post and stripped of her pants, and undies seductively and sat on the post and moved on it, running fingers through her hair, letting her breast bounce up and down. She then did several of the same things before her dad came back into the room and switched the camara off and threw her on the bed. He did her harshly and left her crying, he liked pain, she cried in the nude until he yelled at her to get ready for school and she ran to her room and got dressed in a black dress, her dad refused to but her anything that covered her chest, so the marks and scars and bruises would show and go unoticed, like everything else. She was late for school and scooted into her homeroom and sat sorly on her chair.

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) | 66 comments Ayame started heading to a coffee shop, then headed to her college

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Jason did something

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) | 66 comments Ayame went to her college, to her dorm

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((Can i join))

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Katt*Soph | 13 comments Jamiee walked along the street waiting for the bus to pick her up from school. She looked across the street to see a coffee shop. Although she was very hungry she cold not risk missing the bus. She sat on the bench and waited.

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