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Okay, so I've decided to also make the Blackthorne institute in here just to keep things a little interesting.
Based off the book series, but you don't necessarily have to go by the books.

Name: First and last
Age: 12-18
Grade: 7-12
School: Gallagher Academy (GIRLS ONLY)/ Blackthorne Institute (BOYS ONLY)
Parents: Give a little info about the charries parents here. Are they spies? Or are they just normal people who can't know what really goes on inside the school's walls?

Now I'm going to pretend that the Blackthorne Institute is realitively close to the Gallagher Academy, just so they can meet up during missions and such.

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Name: Alison (Allie) Hunter
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Gender: F
School: Gallagher Academy
Personality: outgoing, brave, hardly scared of anything, slow to trust, good at thinking on her feet, very good at acting her different covers, sly, very kind to people she knows and trusts, cares for her sisters' safety
Appearance: (hair length goes slightly past shoulders) average height, slender, not clumsy but not really graceful
Parents: Allie's parents just think that Allie is going to a high end boarding school in another state. It ends up that Allie is very distantly related to Gillian Gallagher and thats why the school accepted her. Her parents live in South Dakota and sent her to the Gallagher Academy unaware that it was any different. Over most breaks, her parents either visit her in town near the school or she goes to visit them. Either way, they can never know she's training to be a spy.
Other: She started at this school in 7th grade with little knowledge of the school. She has now been here 3 years and she's caught on to everything very well.

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Name: Alyssia Chanel (Yes, like the company, Chanel.)
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Gender: F
School: Gallagher Academy
Personality: Lys is very tom boy-ish, but she definitely has her girly-girl moments- and she's very into fashion. She's very quiet and sneaky and a little too observant, and she's really good at acting and covers. And she doesn't have the greatest reputation for staying out of trouble, to say the least. Every risk and oppertunity that's handed to her; she takes it up immediately, even if it means getting in major trouble.
Appearance: Lys has long, jet black hair that has natural, bouncy curls at the end as her hair falls just about to her rib cage. She's constantly wearing her hair differently. She has tanned skin from spending most of her time in the sun either at the family farm or at the beach, and her eyes are a bright, electric blue. And for a fifteen-year-old, she's incredibly tiny, standing only at 5'1". But don't underestimate her; you'll regret it. [image error]
Parents: Lys's parents are both spies who attended Gallagher and Blackthorne; in fact, the schools run through their entire family. Her father is a infamous CSA operative and her mother just took up the position of the headmistress at Gallagher after "retiring" (not really) from being an MI6.
Other: She started at Gallagher in 7th grade and has been attending ever since. And despite how much she hates the creatures, her aquired nickname has become the Spider- she's incredibly silent and seems like she has eight eyes and over-active senses with how many things she can sense more than most.

((Don't ask.))

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments Name: Serena van Houston
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Gender: Female
School: Gallagher Academy
Personality: Serena is nice, caring, sarcastic, smart, tempermental, she's sneaky, great at acting, awesome liar, she is a great hider and when she doesnt want you to find her you wont. Serena
Appearance: [image error]
Parents: Serena's parents are also spies. Her mom went to the Gallagher Academy and her dad went to the Blackthorne Institute. Right now both of them are on a mission together. They are very good spies so they go on alot of missions and Serena almost never sees them.

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((Oh, that's a creative name lol jk I'm just being sarcastic today. I really do love your charrie :)))

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments ((Lol I love gossip girl so I just had to!))

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((OMG me too!!! Lol but my charrie would definitely be a Blair. I'm way too mishcievous to be a Serena lol))

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((hey Peyton are you gonna finish your charry?))

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((haha nvm))

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((Yeaaaaaahhhh.... Except I'm changing her appearance a little bit.))

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments ((Lol my character is a Blair but she just looks like a Serena. I my self am I Blair but at times I'm also Serena))

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Name: Charlee Mendez
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Gender: F
School: Gallagher Academy
Personality: Charlee is pretty quiet, but when she's around her bestie, she's just as loud and hilarious as Alyssia. She doesn't say much, and though just like every student at Gallagher, she's good with P&E and denfense, she's better with hacking into computers and cracking codes.
Appearance: She has dark brown hair, almost black but still noticably brown, with mocha-colored skin and dark- nearly black- brown eyes. She's taller than Alyssia (just like everyone else is) but is still leaning towards the petite size with a skinny figure.
Parents: Charlee's parents are normal; they can't actually know what her real school and life is like. She copes with it, but she doesn't really appreciate it.
Other: She was born in Mexico.

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Name: Marie Michel
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Gender: F
School: Gallagher Academy
Personality: doesn't feel insulted by anything, very open to those she can trust, deadly good at lying, as soon as you get on her bad side, you will regret it
Appearance: curly blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin, typical European look, very pretty, slightly taller than average height, slender but strong
Parents: her parents were European and they sent her to Gallagher Academy right before they disappeared. Well, they disappeared to her. She doesn't know where they are and she hasn't talked to them since she started at the school. Most info about them is unknown.
Other: She was born in France and she lived all over Europe before coming to America. She has a gift for languages. Also, because she's been almost everywhere, she has connections and knows a lot of people.

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments Name: Colton Nayriss
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Gender: Male
School: Blackthorne Institute
Personality: Colton is an awesome liar, nice at times, funny, sarcastic, sneaky, smart, and the rest you can figure out in the rp.
Appearance: [image error]
Parents: Colton's dad is an ordianry parent. When his mother died he dad sent him to this schol thinking that it was a great boarding school that would make him even smarter, but what he didnt know is that it was a spy school.

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I can't get over how sexy Chace Crawford is!!! Eep! Lol

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments I know!! I LOVE him!! =D lol

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Name: Sebastian Chanel
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Gender: M
School: Blackthorne Institute
Personality: He's too complicated to describe. You'll figure it out.
Appearance: Seb's got pitch-black hair- another Chanel trait usually- with dark, almost black brown eyes, very tan skin, and is very muscular, and standing at 5'9". [image error]
Parents: His parents are supposedly dead after both of them failed to return from a mission. He currently lives with his aunt and uncle.
Other: OMG! Secret twin! Nah, I kid. Lys and Seb are just cousins. The two schools run through the family, like a certian tradition.

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments lol cool!

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Taylor just popped up into my head while I was thinking of a character lol

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments lol =)

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hahahahahaha ohhhh Peyton really? taylor lautner? hahahahaha

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Hahahahahaha don't deny how hawt he is :)

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments Hahaha yeah

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